Solved! Launch X431 PAD III PAD V Missing Online Programming Function

If your Launch X431 PAD III/PAD V online programming functions are missing, here is the instructions on how to enable it.


One of our UK customer have prepared some files that update system apps on tablet and install Nord VPN directly on tablet. And below instructions on how to activate online functionality.

Launch Adb

Unlock online programming operation
First click on the “ES File Explorer” file manager
Follow the path below: Path: cnlaunch\X431PADIII\assets\StdCfg.ini
Open StdCfg.ini (ES Note Editor or HTML Viewer available)
Find OnlineFlash and Flash
Change OnlineFlash=0 to OnlineFlash=1
Change Flash=0 to Flash=1
Note: Do not change the original number of lines, and do not change other content.
Save it after modification.
Supported after modification.

You can also unlock the access to the Android system so that launch can be used as normal tablet (although that requires use of android adb and apps can only be installed via USB cable).
If your X431 PAD 3/PAD 5 fail to register online (displays error: Current address is not covered by the distributors) problem.
Launch X431 Pad3 Global Version
If your bought device from UAE, you may fail to register device in Europe. Most people would choose local VPN, i.e use Middle East VPN in Europe to register scanner.

If still cannot register device through local VPN, you can fix the issue through upgrade.  Pay for US$450 to update your device with no registration IP limitation, you can register pad3/pad5 in any regions.

Contact us if you need:

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Launch X431 Pad5 Global Version 1

Disclaimer: PAD3 & PAD5 won’t be locked by IP address.