Carprog 9.31 reads/writes eeprom 95160 with A4/A6 adapter

Errors and solutions here for eeprom 95160 read/write with Carprog 9.31 programmer:


Error 1: “ID not found” when read eeprom 95160

Error 2: “Verify error” when read eeprom 95160

Error 3: “Verify OK” when read eeprom; “Verify error” when write it

Case: Carprog reads/writes eeprom 95160 from bsi citroen berlingo 2004


In detail…


Error 1: “ID not found” when read eeprom 95160

I connect usb cable with carprog and a6 clip to eeprom 95160 . it gives me error “ID not found” .

carprog-eeprom-95160-id-not-found-1 carprog-eeprom-95160-id-not-found-2

Solution 1: Desoldering the eeprom from circuit board and read not in circuit board, read eeprom on the table


Error 2: Verify errorwhen read eeprom 95160

Read with A6 clip. There is an error


Solution 2: Take a look here




Error 3: Verify OK when read eeprom; Verify error when write it

if i read it, verify ok

carprog-eeprom-95160-verify-ok-1 carprog-eeprom-95160-verify-ok-2

If write it, verify error


Solution 3:

probably have a damaged carprog.
Replace 74hc125.
try reading with the power supply.
Use a4 adapter


Here is a Picture of wires from chinese Carprog A4 Adapter
1. Blue
8. Purple



In summary,


The best, safest, faster and simplest solution is to remove the eeprom from the PCB and use the carprog eeprom adapter .

in this way, all possible problems are avoided.



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Case: Carprog reads/writes eeprom 95160


Car: bsi citroen berlingo 2004

Eeprom: 95160

carprog-eeprom-95160-1 carprog-eeprom-95160-2 carprog-eeprom-95160-3 carprog-eeprom-95160-4 carprog-eeprom-95160-5 carprog-eeprom-95160-6 carprog-eeprom-95160-7 carprog-eeprom-95160-8 carprog-eeprom-95160-9 carprog-eeprom-95160-10

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