Remap Opel Astra EDC16C9, MPPS V18 or MPPS v16 clone?

How to remap Opel Astra 1.9cdti Bosch EDC16C9 with ECU tuning tools? Using MPPS V18 (V18.12.3.8) china or MPPS V16 (V16.1.02) clone? Here is a tutorial of Astra EDC16C9 remap with mpps ecu flasher.


Using MPPS V16 clone or MPPS V18 china?


Mpps v18 wins in functions and connections. It can read and write more ecu types through CAN/ K-LINE/OBD/BOOT (MAIN, Tricore boot, multi boot). And in the package, one more cable is added for ECUs not supported OBD.

But for personal diyers, if just for some specific ecu that both support, Mpps v16 should be ok, same as mpps v18 and save a lot.


How to remap Opel Astra EDC16C9 with MPPS V16?

mpps-v18-remap-opel-bosch-edc16c9-1 mpps-v18-remap-opel-bosch-edc16c9-2 mpps-v18-remap-opel-bosch-edc16c9-3 mpps-v18-remap-opel-bosch-edc16c9-4 mpps-v18-remap-opel-bosch-edc16c9-5 mpps-v18-remap-opel-bosch-edc16c9-6 mpps-v18-remap-opel-bosch-edc16c9-7


MPPS V18.12.3.8 china clone also support Opel Astra 1.9cdti Bosch EDC16C9.


You can check it on MPPS V18 car list: