VVDI2 VVDI 2 Program Citroen DS3 2014 Remote Key

Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer full version has updated PSA Peugeot Citroen function. I’v used VVDI2 key programmer to have 2014 Citroen ds3 pulled pin and programmed key in seconds.



now VVDI 2 full version authorized functions includes:
Transponder programmer
Passthru J2534
Porsche IMMO data tool yes
PSA function yes


I got pin code in approx 10 second and programmed spare key fine.
key was supplied by customer, was new but aftermarket type, however the remote doesn’t work.


Then i did it manually:
1) switch ignition on to position 2
2) press and hold down lock button for 5 seconds
3) after 5 seconds release lock button
4) switch off ignition , remove key and test remote

being a customer supplied copy key may well not be correct remote

repeat process for each key needed


Note: the correct remote is very important

there is ASK/FSK, 2 or 3 buttons and till 2006 and after 2006, also 315 and 434 Mhz, many types.. any type depends on the BSI installed.
Chinese cheap remotes they buy on ebay or aliexpress not always work, at the end locked and cannot be reused.
Better use xhorse vvdi2 remote keys, never locked – can be reprogrammed.