How to set up Mitchell OnDemand5 v5.8.2 on Win XP

Here is the step-by-step instruction on how to install Mitchell OnDemand5 v5.8.2 2013 repair software on Windows XP system.


Highlight of using Mitchell OnDemand5:

Mitchell uses the latest in compression technology, giving you all the data available to spare less time to fix the vehicles in your shop on fewer CDs or, better yet, a single DVD for Domestic and one for Import. For example, our tables take up less space because the overwhelming majority are not scanned.


Basic info of OnDemand5 Repair and Estimator:

OnDemand5 V5.8 Repair includes repair information from 1983 to current year domestic and import cars, light trucks and vans.

OnDemand5 V5.8 Estimator gives accurate labor times from 1974 to current year domestic and import vehicle models.


Key features:

Categories within Repair and Estimator are streamlined to allow users to navigate between Repair and Estimator without reselecting the category A parts and labor search that finds matching parts and labor information Listings for new fluid capacities An estimating quotes screen view that is completely flexible and customizable The ability to save estimates Single click access to TSBs and maintenance schedules NAPA part numbers and prices included at no extra charge.


Main steps of Mitchell OnDemand5 installation:

Step 1 – install Alcohol 120%

Step 2 – run Alcohol 120%

Step 3 – install NET. Framework 2.0

Step 4 – install OnDemand5

Step 5 – setup OnDemand5 properties

Step 6 – add images&setup in Alcohol 120%

Step 7 – setup OnDemand5 (install Repair & Estimator)


Step 1 – install Alcohol 120%

Insert the CD-ROM drive and open“MITCHELL 5.8.2 2013 G:”

Unzip Alcohol 120%.rar

Open folder Alcohol 120%/Alcohol 120%, then run setup

Click Next to begin Alcohol 120% installation


Accept the agreement

Destination folder: click Next

Select features: Moin programs, click Next

Ready to install the application


Alcohol 120% installation SUCCESS


Restart your system now or later


Step 2 – run Alcohol 120%

Run Alcohol 120% on Desktop

Register Alcohol 120%:

  1. Open User Manual.txt in G:/Alcohol 120%/Alcohol 120%
  2. copy the Code and paste as Serial Number in Registered interface


iii. registration successful!


OK to go on


Select virtual Drive in Options

Setup number of virtual Drive: 18, then OK


Add image: MITCHELL 5.8.2 2013 G:/mitchell 2013/Mitchell OnDemand 5.9.2_2013…(folder)/MCD_Install_5.8.2.35

Select MCD_Install_5.8.2.35 to Mount to Device: (H:) AXV CD/DVD-ROM(0)


Automatically turn to OnDemand5 setup interface

Click Cancel, then OK for sure


Click Finish to exit the Setup wizard


Step 3 – install NET. Framework 2.0

Open Computer/Install_582 (H:)/setup

Select Install NET. Framework 2.0, then Next


Click Next

Accept the agreement, then click Install


NET. Framework 2.0 installation SUCCESS. Click Finish



Step 4 – install OnDemand5

Automatically turn to OnDemand5 setup program

Click Next


Accept the agreement, then Next

Click Next


OnDemand5 installation SUCCESS.


Automatically turn to OnDemand5 interface

No need to add wizard data, so click Cancel

Decline the agreement

Then exit OnDemand5


Step 5 – setup OnDemand5 properties

Open G:/miechell 2013/mitchell 2013/Mitchell OnDemand 5.8.2_2013…(folder)/patch

Copy Od5 application

Open OnDemand5 properties

Find target: C:/Mitchell1/OnDemand5

Then paste (replace) Od5 application

Close OnDemand5 properties


Step 6 – add images&setup in Alcohol 120%

Go to Alcohol 120%

Add image: MITCHELL 5.8.2 2013 G:/mitchell 2013

Select all .rar files, then Open

Select ESTIMATOR 1_31_1A to Mount on Device: (H:) AXV CD/DVD-ROM(0)

Then the same setup as others, Mount on Device: (I:), (J:), (K:)…

Confirm all media status: media present


Minimize Alcohol 120%


Step 7 – setup OnDemand5

Run OnDemand5 on Desktop

Accept the agreement

Popup: no available data path, click OK

Click Add data

Tick on Repair and Estimator, then Next


Add data – Repair: select Repair dvd drive I:


Setup Repair data location:
For data patch you can open Alcohol 120% for reference


data patch:

Repair 0: I:

Repair 1: J:

Repair 2: K:

Repair 17: Y:


Then Next to Continue

Add Repair data SUCCESS


Add data – Estimator


Insert Estimator DVD and Browse to select it, then Next

Setup Estimator data location:

Estimator 01: H

Click Next

Copy Estimator data, click Next


Add Estimator data SUCCESS

Finally start the OnDemand5 program with the button Repair / Estimator. If you need to view or change your settings, add a new product, etc., please contact menu Setup.