FVDI+DevMode to Solve Benz SBC Unit Fault C2498 and C249F

This is the useful solutions on how to solved Benz sbc unit fault codes C2498 and C249F.

Solution 1:

Error codes: C2498

Tool needed: FVDI Abrites commander

c2498 can be reset using avdi/FVDI using the sbc repair eeprom special tool.
I have now carried this out and works fine with no problems. ‘6 months has passed since it was carried out on a W230 SL with 30,000 miles on the clock’


Solution 2:

Error codes: C2498 / C249F

Tool needed: FVDI commander

MB Star diagnostic tool


I have Abrites and it is very easy to read, fix and write back the eeprom to SBC unit with it, i have done 6 cars with C249f fault, and it was no problem to fix.
Now I have W211 (2005) with C2498 fault, and after I fix the eeprom the fault is coming back. And I was advised to repair it using super mb star c3 and DevMode:
Find Line where DJ_SetPmpCycle, and DJ_SetpmpCycleInit
Put 0 then F3, go out for SBC, Ign Off, Ign On then start Motor, Nomore C2498 Error
That is, i reset SBC Sensotronic Brake Control.

Note: Make sure engine is running !!!

In Developer mode, go to Entwickelingsdaten – > ansteueringen -> Gesamstliste aller Ansteuerungen

to see how many times brake has been pressed there is a line that says: Bremsenzahler (DJ_GetBrLive)

then 1 line down there, see Bremsenzahler aktualisieren und Lebensdauerzahler F neu berechenen -> click it !
Parameter uINBR = 0
then click F3

1 line down Bremsenzahler auf beliebigen Wert setzen (DJ_SetNBr) -> click it
Parameter uINBR = 0
then click F3

then scroll down untill you see the line’s :

Lebensdauerzahler F neu berechenen (DJ_CalcLiveTime)
Parameter uINBR = 0
then click F3

Lebensdauerzahler F neu berechenen und schreiben (DJ_BuildAndWriteF)
Parameter uINBR = 0
then click F3

Log out of SBC !!
log out of verhicle !!

let engine run at least 10 minutes or drive at least 10 minutes

If no coils are damaged , SBC fault code is not AKTUEL nomore

Remove the unit from the rubbers and remove 2 srews en demontage the electric enigine , clean it en renew the brusches , you can remewe the electro engine without demontage complete unit.
and the problem will be solved.