Honda PCM code: HIM HDS or HDS IMMO PCM calculator?

How do you obtain Honda PCM code (pincode), by using HIM HDS Honda Diagnostic System or HDS IMMO PCM code calculator? Of course, PCM access code should be read via software calculator by VIN.

To calculate a PCM access code you need to enter last 5 digits of VIN. PCM Code is required in cases when all car keys are lost or PCM/ECM Immobilizer replacement.

Honda HIM HDS diagnostic tool with double board is a comprehensive diagnostic/programming tool for Honda. HDS HIM supports read VIN and IMMO as well, but it CANNOT obtain PCM access code.

Honda HDS IMMO PCM calculator is able to:
1) Calculate old version HDS password 1 and password 2.
2) Calculate new version HDS PCM Code calculation.
3) Calculate Honda vehicle with 17 digit VIN number and Japanese produced Honda with 11 Digit VIN.

Obdii365 here provides Honda HDS IMMO PCM Code Calculator free software download (Close antivirus software or set your browser to download success)

Buy you need a USB dongle to plug into the computer to work with the program.

Both HIM HDS diagnostic system and IMMO PCM code calculator software will read VIN, but only PCM code calculator can read PCM access code. The better way is to read PCM code with calculator and then program key or program PCM with HIM HDS scan tool. Thus we offer the bundle package: Item No OB32 Honda HIM HDS + HDS immo PCM code calculator:

How to use HDS IMMO PCM Code Calculator software?

1) Download the software in above link
2) No need to run software, directly run and use.
3) Connect USB dongle to calculate PCM code.
4) Open “HondaCalculator.exe”, it is this window as follows.
 HDS IMMO PCM Code Calculator for Honda View larger image HDS IMMO PCM Code Calculator for Honda HDS IMMO PCM Code Calculator for Honda HDS IMMO PCM Code Calculator for Honda HDS IMMO PCM Code Calculator for Honda HDS IMMO PCM Code Calculator for Honda
5) Manually enter the VIN when change your vehicle’s ECU/PCM. Your real VIN number may be different from your vehicle stored information.

Please note: PC date settings are must be correct because all of secret codes are calculating for the current day only.

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