Vident iLink400 Manual: Update, GM/Chrysler/Mercedes Car List, Reviews

vident ilink400 scan tool manual:


vident ilink400 price

vident ilink400 update

vident ilink400 software

vident ilink400 abilities

vident ilink400 reviews


in detail…


vident ilink400 price:

119 usd for a machine with one program and free shipping



vident ilink400 full kit:

Item Available Manufacture for selection Makes
SC367-1 Vident iLink400 Scan tool – AU Ford AU Ford
SC367-2  Vident iLink400 Scan tool – Ford Ford, EU Ford
SC367-3 Vident iLink400 Scan tool – BMW/MINI BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce
SC367-4 Vident iLink400 Scan tool – Citroen Citroen
SC367-5 Vident iLink400 Scan tool – Chrysler Chrysler
SC367-6 Vident iLink400 Scan tool – Fiat  Alfa Fiat, Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Lancia
SC367-7 Vident iLink400 Scan tool – Ferrari Ferrari
SC367-8 Vident iLink400 Scan tool – Jaguar Land Rover Jaguar, Land Rover
SC367-9 Vident iLink400 Scan tool – GM GM
SC367-10 Vident iLink400 Scan tool – Vauxhall Opel Vauxhall,  Opel
SC367-11 Vident iLink400 Scan tool – Honda Honda
SC367-12 Vident iLink400 Scan tool – Hyundai / Kia Hyundai, Kia
SC367-13 Vident iLink400 Scan tool – Holden Holden
SC367-14 Vident iLink400 Scan tool – Porsche Porsche
SC367-15 Vident iLink400 Scan tool – Toyota Lexus Toyota, Lexus and Scion
SC367-16 Vident iLink400 Scan tool – Mercedes Benz Mercedes Benz, Sprinter
SC367-17 Vident iLink400 Scan tool – Maserati Maserati
SC367-18 Vident iLink400 Scan tool – Mazda Mazda
SC367-19 Vident iLink400 Scan tool – VAG VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat,
Bentley, Bugatti,
Lamborghini, VW Commercial
SC367-20 Vident iLink400 Scan tool -Volvo Volvo
SC367-21 Vident iLink400 Scan tool – Renault Renault, Dacia
SC367-22 Vident iLink400 Scan tool – Mercedes Benz Mercedes Benz
SC367-23 Vident iLink400 Scan tool – Subaru Subaru
SC367-24 Vident iLink400 Scan tool – SsangYong SsangYong
SC367-25 Vident iLink400 Scan tool – Peugeot Peugeot



vident ilink400 update:


Cost: FREE update for 3 years!


Steps to update vident ilink400:


Step 1. Install the Update Client

Go to the the official site:

Choose ” Support & Service” to download the update client.


Open the downloaded file and run the installer inside it.
Note: You can also install the update client from the CD that comes in the product package.

Step 2. Create your Vident account

Once installed, boots up the iScanzilla software, click the “Register” button.
Fill out the registration form and submit.

Step 3. Register your product

When logged in iScanzilla, click the “Register Products” icon.
On the “S/N Registration” tab, put a tick in the box marked “001” then enter the product’s serial number & password, and click on Submit.
Please connect the scan tool with computer through the USB cable, select Setup > About to check the Serial Number and “Register Password”.

A confirmation box should be shown to confirm successful registration.

Step 4. Download and Install Diagnostic Software

Now close the iScanzilla software, remove the TF card from your tool (making sure the tool is turned off first!) and connect it to the PC via a TF card reader.
Once Windows has detected the TF card, run the iScanzilla software and login again. After a few seconds, a list of the available software updates will appear.
Please select only one program you want to update, as you can ONLY have access to the update of this manufacturer in the future once it’s been selected initially. In case you want to install any other vehicle software, please contact us or sign in your member center to purchase.

Click the Update button to download and install the software.
Once the software installed, you can go to Software Management to review the installed software.


vident ilink400 software:


vident ilink400 has personalized software for each user, incl


AU Ford

EU Ford Mazda VW Audi SEAT Skoda
BMW Mini Rolls Royce Jaguar Land Rover Fiat Abarth
Alfa Romeo Lancia Aston Martin Chrysler Volvo GM Ferrari
Opel Vauxhall Peugeot Honda Acura Citroen Hyundai
Kia Mercedes Benz Holden SsangYong Porsche Subaru Toyota
Lexus Scion Renault Dacia Maserati


The most populous should be:

vident ilink400 gm

vident ilink400 chrysler

vident ilink400 mercedes


That is, most people buy Vident iLink for GM, Chrysler, Mercedes.


vident ilink400 gm car list:



Engine Type Limousine Silverado – 2WD
Acadia Enjoy Lucerne Silverado – 4WD
Acadia – 2WD Envoy Lumina Silverado Hybrid
Acadia – 4WD Envoy – 2WD Malibu Sintra
Achieva Envoy – 4WD Malibu Classic Skylark
Alero Envoy XL Malibu Hybrid Solstice
Alero (Export) Envoy XUV Malibu_1 Sonic
Allure Epica Matiz Sonoma
Alpheon Equinox Matiz Classic Sonoma Pickup – 2WD
Ascender – 4WD Escalade Medium Duty Truck Sonoma Pickup – 4WD
Astro – 2WD Escalade – 2WD Metro Spark
Astro – 4WD Escalade – AWD Montana Spark Classic
Aura Escalade ESV Montana – 4WD Spin
Aurora Escalade EXT Montana Ext. Suburban
Avalanche – 2WD Export Express Montana SV6 Suburban – 2WD
Avalanche – 4WD Export Savana Montana SV6 – AWD Suburban – 4WD
Aveo Express Montana SV6 Ext.
Aveo Classic Express (CNG) Monte Carlo Suburban 4WD – RHD
Aztek – AWD Express – 2WD Monza Sun Runner – 2WD
Aztek – FWD Express – AWD N200 Sun Runner – 4WD
Barina Express Access N300 Sunfire
Barina Spark FireBird OUTLOOK – 2WD Tahoe
Beat FireFly (Canada) OUTLOOK – AWD Tahoe – 2WD
Beretta Fleetwood Onix Tahoe – 4WD
Blazer – 2WD G Van Opel Tahoe 4WD – RHD
Blazer – 4WD G2X Optra Tahoe Hybrid
Blazer – 4WD – RHD G3 Optra – Mexico Tahoe Limited
Bonneville G5 Orlando Tahoe Z71
Bravada G6 Others Tavera
Bravada – 2WD G8 Park Avenue Terrain
C Cab/Chassis HD (GMT 400) GMC C Cab/Chassis HD (GMT 400) Passenger Car Terraza
C Pickup – 2WD GMC C Pickup – 2WD Prisma Terraza – 4WD
C Pickup – 2WD (CNG) GMC C Pickup – 2WD (CNG) Prizm Terraza Ext.
C Silverado – 2WD GMC C-Series – 2WD Product Line(s) Torrent
C Silverado – 2WD (CNG) GMC C-Series – 2WD (CNG) Product Series Tracker
CTS GMC G Van Pursuit Tracker – 2WD
Camaro GMC K Pickup – 4WD Rainier Tracker – 4WD
Canyon Pickup – 2WD GMC K Pickup – 4WD (CNG) Rainier – 2WD Trailblazer
Canyon Pickup – 4WD GMC K Sierra – 4WD Regal Trailblazer – 2WD
Caprice GMC K Sierra – 4WD (CNG) Relay Trailblazer – 4WD
Caprice Police GMC Sierra Denali Relay – AWD Trans Sport
Captiva GMC Suburban – 2WD Relay Ext. Trans Sport (Export)
Captiva 5 GMC Suburban – 4WD Rendezvous – AWD Trans Sport Ext.
Captiva 7 GMC Truck Rendezvous – FWD Traverse
Captiva Maxx GTO Riviera Traverse – AWD
Captiva Sport Gentra Roadmaster Traverse – FWD
Captiva Sport(VIN L) Grand Am S/T Isuzu – 2WD Trax
Captiva_1 Grand Prix S/T Isuzu – 4WD U100
Catera H2 S10 Uplander
Cavalier H3 S10 Pickup – 2WD Uplander – 4WD
Cavalier(CNG) HHR S10 Pickup – 4WD Uplander Ext.
Century HHR Panel SKY VUE
Chevy Hearse SL VUE – AWD
Cheyenne Holden SL1/SC1/SW1 VUE – FWD
Cheyenne – 2WD ION SL2/SC2/SW2 Vauxhall
Cheyenne – 4WD Impala SLS Venture
Classic Incomplete SRX Venture – 4WD
Cobalt Incomplete(Hearse) SS Venture Ext.
Colorado Incomplete(Limousine) SSR Verano
Colorado 7 Intrigue STS Veritas
Colorado Pickup – 2WD Jimmy – 2WD SUV Vibe – AWD
Colorado Pickup – 4WD Jimmy – 4WD Saab 9-7x Vibe – FWD
Commodore Joy Safari – 2WD Vivant
Concours K Pickup – 4WD Safari – 4WD Volt
Corsica K Pickup – 4WD (CNG) Sail Wave
Corvette K Silverado – 4WD Savana Workhorse
Cruze K Silverado – 4WD (CNG) Savana (CNG) XLR
Cutlass Kalos Savana – 2WD XTS
DHS L100/L200/LW200 Savana – AWD Yukon
DTS L300/LW300 Savana Pro Yukon – 2WD
Damas LD Trk, MPV,Incomplete Seville Yukon – 4WD
Deville LS Sierra Yukon Denali
ELR LSS Sierra – 2WD Yukon XL
Eighty Eight LW Sierra – 4WD Yukon XL – 2WD
Eldorado LaCrosse Sierra Classic Yukon XL – 4WD
Enclave Labo Sierra Denali – 2WD        Yukon XL Denali
Enclave – AWD Lacetti Sierra Denali Classic Silverado
Enclave – FWD Lacrosse Sierra Hybrid
Encore Lacrosse (Allure in Canada) Silhouette


vident ilink400 GM user manual:


vident ilink400 chrysler car list:

4C DX-Ram Truck LC-Challenger
All Model FB-500X LD-Charger
B1-Renegade FF-500 LX-300,Charger, Magnum, Grand Voyager
BF-Fiat 500L HB-Durango MK-Compass, Patriot
BK-Forza HG-Aspen ND-Dakota
BU-Renegade J8-Wrangler NM-Raider
CS-Pacifica JC-Journey NY-Ypsilon
D2-Ram Truck JF-Freemont PF-Dart
DD-Ram Truck JK-Wrangler PM-Caliber
R2-Mini-Van R7-750 PT-PT Cruiser
DJ-Ram Truck KA-Nitro RS-Caravan, Voyager, Town & Country
DP-Ram Truck KJ-Liberty JS-Avenger, Sebring, Convertible/Sedan
DR-RAM KK-Liberty DF-Ram 3500 Cad Chassis 10K
DS-Ram Truck KL-Cherokee RT-Caravan, Town & Country


vident ilink400 mercedes car list:


A-CLASS 168/169 / 176

AMG GT 190

B-CLASS 242/245/ 246

C-CLASS 202 /203/ 204/ 205

CL 140/215/ 216

CLA 117

CLK 208 /209

CLS 218 /219

E-CLASS 207/ 210 /211/ 212

G-CLASS 461/463

GL/GLS 166

GL 164

GLC 253

GLK 204

GLA 156

GLA 156

GLC 253

GLE 292

M/GLE 166

M-CLASS 163/164/166


R 251

S-CLASS 220/221/222/217/140


SLK 170(up to 2001)*, 170(after 2001)  /171, 172

SL 129/230/231

SLS 197

SLR 199

Sprinter – 901.6, 902.6, 903.6, 904.6, 905.6, 690, 906

Vaneo – (16 pin)]


Vito/V-Class – Model Designation 638 Vito/Viano – Model Designation 639 (OBDII)


vident ilink400 abilities:


vident ilink400 comes with features like

  1. Compatible with both OBDI and OBDII vehicles .
    2. Works on the latest 2016/2017 vehicle models.
    3. Multi-system Diagnosis–for most (if not all) electronically controlled systems, including Engine, ABS, Airbag, Automatic Transmission, Immobilizer, Climate Control, Fuel Pump Control module, Fuel Injection Control module, All-wheel drive control , VG transfer case module, Electronic selector module, body control module, digital radio, standard radio, drivers door module, HVAC, instrument cluster, seat memory module, theft deterrent, Amplifier, central gateway, immobilizer, overhead control panel, steering column module, convertible top controller, etc.
    4. Basic diagnostic function includes read/erase codes, freeze frame data, live data, graph and compare live data, ECU information, active test, advanced ID.
    5. Quick Test function to test the most common vehicle systems.
    6. Turns off dashboard warning lights.
    7. Request and record live sensor data. Display live data graphs, and merge 2 parameter graphs simultaneously.
    8. Display freeze frame data .
    9. Retrieve ECU information.
    10. Key coding for several vehicles.
    11. Perform bi-directional actuations tests- manually operating components on the car to test their function.
    12. Support advanced functions such as adaptations and control module coding.
    13. Support the most commonly required service features like brake deactivation, service resets, Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) Calibration, DPF regeneration, ABS Bleeding, BCM/SIR Setup, TPS/TBA(Throttle Body Alignment), etc.
    14. Upgradable to cover more car makes.
    15. Multi-lingual menus and code definitions for an international marketplace.

Support English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, French, Swedish, Italian, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, etc.


upload images with explanation…


ilink400 supports the most commonly required service functionalities


oil light/service reset


epb service


sas calibration


dpf regeneration


battery configuration


view two live data parameter graphs simultaneously and merge them into one coordinate


programming and coding on some vehicles





vident ilink400 reviews:


Joe: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Does what it should. But there is minor issues.


UPDATE: Updated the scanner last night and now temperatures seem to be working properly, raising from 3 stars to 4.

Pros: The product is cheap and does do what it says it does. Will alow you to control all the sensors and lights on the vehicle if you have the add on for that manufacturer.
Cons: slightly glitchy, also the temperature and pressure measurements are no where near accurate. Not sure why. I updated the product via the computer. I think I will be keeping the product due to its functionality and price. But there is minor issues which are kind of annoying. But compared to the price of a name brand scanner I still think it’s an alright purchase.


tcpuccio1: 4.0 out of 5 stars

works well


for what I need to use it for it works well. tool is easy to update. I dumped the software for GM into the tool. was easy to do. the sard reader that comes with the tool is a piece of crap I have my own micro sd to USB adaptor that is much better then the one in the kit with the scanner. I have used it a few times. I wish it had a broader reach of abs/sir trans and ecm data it’s hit or miss whet it will read and not the same on every vehicle.


w b: 4.0 out of 5 stars

great service, decent tool for the price


It does pretty much what it says it will do however it will not program the VIN into the PCM on GM products, so if replacing PCM you will still need a mechanic or someone with the right tool, it will set cam retard on GM products and is all around a very helpful tool


xxxx: 4.0 out of 5 stars

You will need to purchase additional software.


Product works well. I used it to perform an automated brake bleed on GM and exhaust system diagnostic. Creating an account and product registration are a chore.


ty92003: 4.0 out of 5 stars

affordable and works


great tool it is a generic/factory scan tool if that makes sense. it goes into all the different modules and performs calibrations and tests it also graphs from the data stream but it does not do any type of flashing (module updating). this is a great tool for what it does.


mr.nieves: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Worth it for the money


It’s definitely worth it for the money it did exactly what I needed to do the quality is decent it’s not shop quality and the CPU processor is slow and can hang or crash it’s trying to do too much. controls are really basic everything is pretty much self-explanatory and this is a good substitution for the GM Tech 2 if you are like me a DIY’rt


Eric Ellcey: 5.0 out of 5 stars

This thing is a real nice unit to own to do things beyond checking codes. I love it!


Impressed so far for the features and thing it can do. Support via email has been great also!


Drwho1980: 5.0 out of 5 stars

You need this scanner


Great product full support for makes. Throttle adaptation works great live data great awesome tool


Jason Patton: 5.0 out of 5 stars

Scantool best nang for your buxk


This needs ti hirry up and get here im sooo e cited n i will for sure fir sure keave a review to ket yalk know how it perforks for me


jasobellott-8: 5.0 out of 5 stars

Best scanner I’ve ever had


For the pricethey want for this of you are either a shade tree mechanic diyer or have your own business I’m telling you this scanner is what you need this thing does everything any high end scanner can do literally. You name it can do crankshaft variation relearn, module tests graph info live data injector tests ,transmission, everything and anything for any brand of car you want first software is free I picked gm you can have 5 on at once gm covers saturn Isuzu Daewoo and any gm plus the first 3 years of updates to that software is free. This is a great scanner highly recommend customer service is outstanding


farme962-3: 5.0 out of 5 stars

Works like a charm GM version


Absolutely money well spent and already paid for itself. I’ve been a shade-tree mechanic for 15+yrs and always had to take vehicles with check engine lights on to a friend’s shop and get the codes pulled and then make repairs. I got the GM version to scan 2002 Chevrolet 2500 I recently put a motor in and with this tool I was able to figure out the fuel purge solenoid was bad and also re-learn the crank position sensor. Fixed both and couldn’t be happier. Will be down loading other manufacturers software to broaden vehicles I can use it on.


(Thanks to all customers for the reviews above)