OBDSTAR P004 Adapter vs Godiag GPT Boot Adapter

OBDSTAR P50, DC706 and X300 Classic G3 G3 all these units come with the P004 adapter which allows you to connect a breakout cable for OBD.

Some use the Godiag GPT adapter to replace the P004 adapter.


OBDSTAR P004 vs Godiag GPT Adapter which is better?

Godiag Gpt Adapter Vs Obdstar P004

P004 is just a cheap breakout box.

Any breakout box also works.

Use the Godiag GPT adapter, it is much better to use, easier to use, and does more.

Users have been using the godiag GPT Boot adapter instead of p004, the p004 is just cumbersome to use. Much easier this way.
Godiag GPT adapter has the 120ohm built-in which the breakout harness doesn’t. It is easy to add 12+, 120ohms and pins are somewhat decent, makes life easier. To connect CDA, PCMFlash and other tools on the “bench”, no need to carry so many other adapters. That and GT105 and GT107.




1). BSI Q0x sc667050+95256

Work fine with DC706 and godiag gpt adapter.

Obdstar DC706 And Godiag Gpt Adapter 1Obdstar DC706 And Godiag Gpt Adapter 2Obdstar DC706 And Godiag Gpt Adapter 3

2). Works great. Use it with MP001. The leads used on OBDstar tools are not great, and way to much yellow. i started using the godiag gtp adater and bypassing the P004 all together.  Use all the time, especially on the road great tool.

Obdstar DC706 And Godiag Gpt Adapter 4

3). If i connected DC706 with Godiag, the Fiat 8GMW works fine.

Obdstar Dc706 Fiat 8GMW Godiag Adapter


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