Autel MP900TS vs MS906 Pro TS vs MK900TS

Autel MaxiPRO MP900TS Scanner 2024 vs autel maxisys ms906 pro-ts 2024 vs MaxiCOM MK900TS. What is the difference between these TPMS scanners?


First of all, check a table comparison below:

Item Autel MaxiCOM MK900TS

Autel Mk900ts


Autel MaxiPRO MP900TS

Autel Mp900bt

Autel MaxiSys MS906 Pro TS

Autel Ms906 Pro

Processor Quad-core Quad-core 2.2GHz+1.8GHz, Octa-Core
System Android 11 Android 11 Android 10
RAM 4G 4G 4G
ROM 64G 64G 128G
Screen 8 inches 8 inches 8 inches
Resolution 1280*800 1280*800 1920*1200 DPI
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi(802.11a/b/g/






Bluetooth BT V5.0 + BR/EDR BT V5.0 + BR/EDR BT V5.0 + BR/EDR
USB USB 2.0: (1 USB Host type A, 1 USB mini device) USB 2.0: (1 USB Host type A, 1 USB mini device) USB 2.0: (1 USB Host type A, 1 USB mini device)
HDMI × × x
SD Card √ (up to 64GB) √ (up to 64GB) √ (up to 64GB)
Battery 3.7V, 7700mAh 3.7V, 7700mAh 3.7V, 11600mAh
Camera Rear: 8 megapixel Rear: 8 megapixel 16MP Rear/5MP Front
VCI V150 V150 V200
VCI connection Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth
Complete TPMS Function √, TPMS diagnostics, serving & sensor programming √, TPMS diagnostics, serving & sensor programming √, TPMS diagnostics, serving & sensor programming
Auto VIN
Read/clear codes
Read data stream
Freeze frame
Read ECU info
Active test
Service √ (40 kinds) √ (40 kinds) √ (40 kinds)
Special function √ (all systems) √ (all systems) √ (all systems)
Nissan online coding ×
Infiniti online coding ×
Nissan GT-R online coding ×
Renault online coding ×
Hyundai online coding ×
Kia online coding ×
VW online coding ×
VW Brazil online coding ×
BMW online coding ×
MINI online coding ×
Peugeot online coding ×
Citroen online coding ×
DS EU online coding ×
Porsche online coding ×
SGMW online coding ×
Nissan offline coding ×
Infiniti offline coding ×
Nissan GT-Roffline coding ×
Toyota offline coding ×
Lexus offline coding ×
Scion offline coding ×
Daihatsu offline coding ×
Benz offline coding ×
Maybach offline coding ×
Land Rover offline coding ×
Jaguar offline coding ×
Subaru offline coding ×
Ford offline coding ×
Ford AU offline coding ×
Ford EU offline coding ×
Mazda offline coding ×
Hyundai offline coding ×
Kia offline coding ×
Chrysler offline coding ×
Audi offline coding ×
VW offline coding ×
Skoda offline coding ×
VW Brazil offline coding ×
Bentley offline coding ×
Bugatti offline coding ×
Lamborghini offline coding ×
LT3 offline coding ×
Seat offline coding ×
VW CV offline coding ×
Man LD offline coding ×
Peugeot offline coding ×
Citroen offline coding ×
DS EU offline coding ×
Opel offline coding ×
Vauxhall offline coding ×
Porsche offline coding ×
Mitsubishi offline coding ×
Nissan hidden feature ×
Infiniti hidden feature ×
Nissan GT-Rhidden feature ×
Audi hidden feature ×
VW hidden feature ×
VW Brazilhidden feature ×
Skoda hidden feature ×
BMW hidden feature ×
MINI hidden feature ×
Toyota hidden feature ×
Lexus hidden feature ×
Scion hidden feature ×
Audi guidance ×
VW guidance ×
VW Brazil guidance ×
Skoda guidance ×
Seat guidance ×
Man LD guidance ×
Land Roverprogramming personalization ×
Jaguar programming personalization ×
Report management
Pre&Post scan
Scan VIN
Scan License
Remote desk
Battery tester(BT506)
Wi-Fi print
Cloud-based Reports

In sum:

900 series TPMS tools all support CAN FD, DoIP protocols, all allow WiFi printing, Scan VIN/License, Pre & Post scan.

MaxiCOM MK900TS does not support online or offline coding. MP900TS and MS906 PRO TS do.

The 900 series are slightly below the 906 series.

Firstly the Hardware is downgraded from the MS906 Pro-TS (Processor) but we do like that the MP900 series charges using USB C. Also the 900 series uses the VCI150 where the 906 uses the V200 VCI. The V200 has a USB C socket so it can be hardwired and used as an interface for other PC Based Software (Not J2534, but ForScan for example).

But the main difference is Software. The 906 models get more coding functions for European vehicles and you can add the ADAS software to the 906.