How to Calculate Honda HDS Password with Godiag J2534?

How-to: calculate Honda HDS Password (first password, second password, release password and PCM code) using Godiag GD101 J2534 cable and J1979 tool.


To calculate these passwords, you need to download a J1979 Diagnostic Tool for Godiag J2534

1st Password: Required for adding new keys or clearing old/lost keys.
2nd Password: Also known as Release Password, it is required in cases when you’ve entered wrong codes.
4-digit PCM Code Required in cases all keys are lost or PCM (Powertrain Control Module) / ECM replacement.

Supported features: PCM/ECM initialization and Key programming

Supported equipment: Honda Diagnostic System (HDS)


Using first password you can add key to existing ones in immo system. If your attempt fails, then working keys would not start the car, because procedure was not completed.

First password will not be accepted anymore. You need to restart key adaption and, in this case, you are required PCM password to unlock PCM (like all keys lost) and repeat it again. All keys are involved into this procedure. There are passwords also which should be used if you’ve entered incorrect one. They differ for quantity of incorrect attempts (1,2,3 etc.).
each second password can be used for 15 times, do not enter incorrect second password more than 3 times, it will lock your immo function.



First Password

Godiag J2534 Honda Hds Password 1

Second Password

Godiag J2534 Honda Hds Password 2

Release Password

Godiag J2534 Honda Hds Password 3

Honda PCM Code calculator
Inout last 5-digit VIN to calculate PCM code.

Godiag J2534 Honda Hds Password 4

Fits Honda pre-2020 models.



This calculator is made for V3.014 but it seems to be also compatible with other versions. Some of our customers confirmed it worked with other versions like HDS V3.102.004. Sometimes you need to set computer date back to a year in the past.


Currently HDS V3.015 (and probably above) is NOT SUPPORTED, because of the new algorithm.  Calculate Honda & Acura (PCM, 1st Pass, 2nd Pass and HIM unlock) Access codes by VIN for HDS (Honda Diagnostic System).


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