BMW Cluster 35128WT with Yanhua Emulator, DP4 or CG Pro

What is the best emulator to get for BMW FEM/BDC Bosch cluster with 35128WT eeprom mileage correction?

Bmw 35128wt Cluster


You have 3 options for this bosch 35128wt:

1.Yanhua emulator eeprom with their new adapter and very tricky to solder good and have good results. Read/write is no problem. and put id7 filter behind cluster for BDC.

Three short VINs are located in the EEPROM. It is necessary to change them to FF.

Emulator (35128)from YANHUA only work with VDO cluster. We did program many without any results.


Yanhua Mini ACDP Virgin 35128WT V2 G01 Cluster


2.Write eeprom with DP4(bmw7/G program) and add id7 can filter behind cluster. also no problem read/write. If give you only message after successfull write and read: “Unknown eeprom” but everything was good.

You can use DP4(elpro) without emulator for Bosch 35128WT (it will say “Unknown eeprom” after but write is ok, no need ID/Data separation, just C12 clip). But you need can filter if it is BDC system. There are some good updated plugin can filters for ID7 cluster, no-black screen. So need to take out SKF stopper.

One of our customers has used this method for BMW G 7-serie 2019 and worked well.



3. CG Pro. read/write with cg pro also no problems, only check first if correct read mileage, you have 3 options for 35128wt. need id7 filter for bdc also.


CG Pro cannot read chip ID, but can read/write complete EEPROM size (0x0000h – 0x3FFFh).

CG Pro has no issues with with writing with bosch, with other then bosch we had only 1 time success writing directly. also 1 time write only to existing eeprom.
for all others, you can use yanhua emulator eeprom and solder with microscope because the solderings from the legs overlap and short sometimes.

VVdi Prog is good programer but for reset this eeprom CGprog is better.

Example with CGPro

CG Pro 9S12 BMW F Series Instrument Reset With 35160WT Adapter


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