OBDSTAR OdoMaster Renault Dacia 2018+ RH850 Cluster List

Does OBDSTAR Odomaster correct mileage on Renault 2018+ RH850 clusters?


Yes, OBDSTAR does correct mileage for Renault/Dacia RH850 odometer.

Support following models:

Renault MASTER 2019- RH850
Dacia DUSTER 2018- RH850
Dacia LOGAN 2018- RH850
Dacia SANDERO 2018- RH850

Odomaster Renault Rh850

Odomaster Renault Rh850 List

BUT not all versions are supported.

OBDSTAR supports the following Renault RH850 cluster versions:

|—RH850_V04.00_248B37438R_08 Jul 2019_12-24-23
|—RH850_V06.00_248B34866R_04 May 2020_14-20-45
|—RH850_V06.00_248B36896R_09 Jul 2020_18-43-46
|—RH850_V06.00_248B37737R_04 May 2020_14-20-13
|—RH850_V06.00_248B39132R_09 Jul 2020_18-43-59
|—RH850_V06.00_285J22552R_04 May 2020_14-20-03
|—RH850_V07.02_285J27035R_06 Nov 2017_12-56-42
|—RH850_V07.02_285J27562R_06 Nov 2017_12-33-59
|—RH850_V07.02_285J28502R_28 Mar 2018_15-09-33
|—RH850_V07.02_285J29145R_28 Mar 2018_15-05-05
|—RH850_V08.00_285J23620R_07 Dec 2018_10-08-09
|—RH850_V08.00_285J25251R_07 Dec 2018_16-28-15
|—RH850_V10.00_248B33225R_03 Jun 2021_16-38-03
|—RH850_V10.00_248B35280R_03 Jun 2021_16-44-28
|—RH850_V11.00_248B37097R_05 Apr 2022_09-45-53

Keep updating

Always check cluster part number before operation.

If the software version is not listed, Odomaster will still read mileage correctly and write with success, but the cluster becomes dark when completed, no lights, speedometer not moving, no info on display.