OBDSTAR DC706 Volvo CEM Asks for PIN Code?


Trying to clone 2015 Volvo CEM DELPHI R5F64525 module with OBDSTAR DC706.

It asks for a 12 digit pin code.

Where or how can i find it?

Is there an easy way to get the CEM pin?

Obdstar Dc706 Volvo Cem Password



Some Volvo CEMs require you to extract the password from the flash first. same as I.O terminal.

Many Volvo’s CEM’s you need to have a password to be able to use DC706, IO Terminal and so on. There’s a few ways to get it, Tool may have generic password that may work, read flash with VVDI or another programmer and feed it into the tool to decipher, Enter password manually if you have it or can “read” it from flash file, use VIDA logs to retrieve it.

First use default password, if default password is incorrect, you’ll need to read CEM flash data from the MCU with a different tools (xprog, vvdi prog or smok), then load it into the obdstar dc706. It will extract the pin and allow you to read and write.

For example, you can read it with vvdi prog. And then you will have password to be able to use obdstar. Need to put the file from vvdi on obdstar.

You can’t clone with vvdi. You need to read data to get password then clone with obdstar.

It is normal, without pincode can’t read by pinout…. For read and write data need unlock and only with security code you can do.

If you can get the pin code, enter it manually.

DC706 cloned CEM-H without problems once password was available. You need to have CEM password or P-flash file read with another tool first, after that copy all 3.

Obdstar Dc706 Volvo Cem Password 2

User feedback:

I will use xprog to aquire the flash, transfer it to the dc706 and it will automatically find the pin and unlock the unit for reading & writing.

After transferring the xprog read to the dc706, I was able to successfully gain access to the CEM.

Obdstar Dc706 Volvo Cem Password 4 Obdstar Dc706 Volvo Cem Password 5