How to Download and Install Topdon Rlink Lite J2534 Driver?

Topdon Rlink Lite is an all-in-one universal diagnostic scanner for multi brands. When used as a local diagnosis, RLink Lite can be used as a VCI box for OE software, and can be used with OE software to achieve OE-level diagnosis, programming and coding functions, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VAG, Porsche, etc.


Rlink Supported Vehicle Diagnostic Software List:

Topdon Rlink Lite Software

To use Rlink with diagnostic software, you need to download and install J2534 driver first. Similar as VX Manager to VXDIAG.


Where to download Topdon Rlink Lite J2534 driver?


Topdon Rlink Lite Driver 1

Go to the Download tab

Download Rlink driver

Current driver version 2.11

Operating system: Win7, Win8, Win10 or later (64bit)

Topdon Rlink Lite Driver 2

Install the Rlink driver.

You will see Rlink Platform desktop shortcut.

Topdon Rlink Lite Driver 3

Run Rlink Platform driver

Sign in with email and password.

If don’t have an account, follow the prompts to sign up.

Topdon Rlink Lite Driver 4

Connect one end of the Rlink Lite to PC with OE diagnostic and the other end to the vehicle.

After log in Rlink Platform, you will see Rlink Lite J2534 information.

Topdon Rlink Lite Driver 5


Download the driver you need

Topdon Rlink Lite Driver 6

For example, download Benz driver

Topdon Rlink Lite Driver 7

You will see another TOPDON driver icon on desktop

Topdon Rlink Lite Driver 8

Run TOPDON driver and select device as RLINK.

(If diagnosing a Benz DoIP models, select device as ENET.)

Run RLINK as administrator.

Topdon Rlink Lite Driver 9

Then run OE software to diagnose or programming.


We have tested Rlink Lite with ODIS V23, DTS8, Ve-diamo 5, Xentry, ISTA, E-sys, Porsche tester iii etc.

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