Autel Ultra MS909 Nissan Security Gateway Access via AutoAuth!!!

Gateway Access Now Available for Nissan Vehicles. Nissan has joined with Autoauth and offering subscriptions. Registering your shop and tablet at AutoAuth allows you to access the secured systems and perform complete diagnostics, including clearing codes, performing bidirectional controls, Active Tests, and special functions on security gateway-equipped Nissan vehicles.

Nissan models included are 2020 and newer Sentras, 2022 and newer Pathfinders, and 2021 and newer Rogues. This gateway access is available now on Autel MaxiSYS Ultra, MS919, MS909, MS906PRO, and MS906PRO-TS. The remaining Autel tablets will receive this update by May 30. 2024.

Autel Autoauth Nissan Gateway 1

To connect to security gateways, your tablet must have an activated subscription and be Wi-Fi enabled.

Visit to create an account and register your Autel tool.

AutoAuth charges $50 annually.

Autel Autoauth Nissan Gateway 2

Can perform key learning using this feature for newer Sentra/Rogue?

No, Autoauth is only used for secure gateway inlock, which allows the scan tool access to the vehicle.  Autoauth is diag only.

AutoAuth has never covered Key Programming. To program keys or perform immobilizer functions you need secure gateway access AND you need to be a VSP.


Does Autoauth require an active Autel subscription to work?

Yes, it does.



You will need to update your account. You need to log into your Autoauth account, go to Shop Profile.

One you are in the Shop, under your Shop Profile, in the Center Section, you can select Nissan and add a subscription.


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