How to Flash Thinkdiag2 Boot Files for ProDiag/Pro5?

Here is a guide for flashing prodiag/pro5 for Thinkdiag 2 diagnostic interface. After flashing bin file for Thinkdiag2 or DBSCAR7, you will be able to use it on PRO5/Prodiag software.

(*Prodiag vs Xdiag vs Diagzone vs Topdon)



Don’t need to flash with jlink to use Diagzone with thinkdiag2. It works with original boot.

Only for diagzone you no need to flash. For xpro5, prodiag, xdiag you need flash your device.




For sharing purpose only. You are at your risk. Take a backup of thinkdiag before playing around!



Download thinkdiag2 boot flashing file (LINK), No password.

Flash Thinkdiag2 Boot File



The procedure is the same with DBscar VII. (Check Thinkdiag2 vs DBScar 7)

Remove the rubber, unscrew 4 screws.

Flash Thinkdiag2 Boot File 1

Flash Thinkdiag2 Boot File 2

and again unscrew 4 screws

Flash Thinkdiag2 Boot File 3

Connect to j-link V9, no lower version

wiring diagram to put wires into the jlink

General Designation Of Pins

1. General Designation Of Pins

2. Pins Used

Pins used

3. Connection

4. Bulbs

Start program J-Flash and push Open project

Flash Thinkdiag2 Boot File 4

in folder select TD2.jflash

Flash Thinkdiag2 Boot File 5

in program select Target/Connect

Flash Thinkdiag2 Boot File 6

Now erase your chip: Go to Target/Manual Programming/Erase chip

Flash Thinkdiag2 Boot File 7

From the TD2 flash folder, drag the file Boot_TD_2.bin here

Flash Thinkdiag2 Boot File 8

Flash Thinkdiag2 Boot File 9

OK Now go to : Target/Production Programming.

If everything is fine, you will see this message- ‘Target erased, programmed and verified successfully’.

Flash Thinkdiag2 Boot File 10

In sum,

1) Load project file
2) Target – connect
3) If connect and all ok
4) Target – Manual Programming – Read back – Entire chip
5) After read you will see ic content
6) save file in safe place.





Here is the backup of thinkdiag2 original boot-(TD2 original boot) for anyone that needs it.

For Xdiag app, firmware and instructions are available in web.

Thinkdiag2 Boot Xdiag