Thinkdiag vs Topdon TopScan vs Bluedriver Which is Better?

We got 3 most popular obd2 scanners here: Thinkcar Thinkdiag, Topdon TopScan Pro and Bluedriver. We will compare all three App based scan tools that you will have to use your smartphone as the display.

So you can decide for yourself which one you want to go with.

We will talk about each particular tool the pros and cons and let you know real differences between them.

Thinkdiag Vs Topdon Topscan Vs Bluedriver


All scanners can work on vehicle that are 1996 and newer, but there’s some limiting factors on one of them.  The BlueDriver has a limitation on certain years. It  is a code reader with some enhanced functions. It has really good support.  One thing we love it is going to be the inspection monitors. It shows pending codes correctly, permanent codes and stored codes.

The BlueDriver only does engine/transmission codes & data as far as we can tell, no bi-directional controls or all systems support.
Both Thinkdiag and topdon has no issue with stored codes, but cannot pull up the permanent code (or can only pull code from some models).
The bluedriver has a few pluses, it has got great inspection monitor data. It is one time purchase, you don’t have to pay a yearly fee.

Topdon and Thinkdiag are not just code readere, they also perform many service functions. They work for mechanical components such as fuel pumps, and fans.
They have special functions besides the di-directional functions as well. These special functions allow you to do things such as program the steering wheel angle sensor, erase codes from TPMS, relearn throttle bodies, code injectors, register batteries as well as initialize certain components.

The topdon topscan pro has 13 special functions. The thinkcar has 15 and BlueDriver does not have special functions.


Each tool on each vehicle is different, some work better than others.

For example,  2018 (& some as early as 2016)+ Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep vehicles have a secure gateway that requires a subscription ($50/year) & connection to AutoAuth to do anything other than read codes and data so if you have a 2018+ Chrysler (Stellantis) product make sure whatever you get supports AutoAuth (Autel, Launch, Thinkdiag, Topdon & SnapOn tools do (although you have to keep your software subscription current to use it). Thinkdiag and Topscan pro all will access FCA Autoauth. Bluedriver does not.

Topdon is not very compatible with Benz. But the TopDon coverage for GM vehicle is usually excellent. HVAC scan data and bidirectional controls will be there, as well.

Thinkdiag works great for Porsche and Mercedes even does varient coding.

Here are some examples:

Thinkdiag Mercedes Sprinter Variant Coding Review

Thinkdiag Porsche Coding Review

Thinkdiag Sprinter J51 Fuel Tank Variant Coding Guide

Generally speaking, Bluedriver works great on BMW.  Thinkdiag is good for European vehicles, and Topdon is better for American models.