How to Use Godiag GD101 J2534 with Mitsubishi MUT-III?

Godiag GD101 is so far the cheapest J2534 passthru device for Mitsubishi MUT-III diagnostic software.

Godiag J2534 Review 4

Tested working with MUT III 2022 and 2023 versions. They use different replacement files.


MUT-3 2022 Version Passthru solution for Godiag J2534:

Version: SEW22031-00 (software can be downloaded here)


Download J2534 drivers for MUT3 2022 version.

Software does not include special J2534 drivers.

It works with j2534 VCIs, just need to configure drivers.

You need to use only MUT-III SE and in CAN BUS cars only.
You need to install your J2534 drivers.
Then you need to use a patch/configurator/emulator (link above).
Need to install and configure special drivers manager.

Mut Iii J2534 Drivers

How to configure J2534 drivers for MUT-III?

1. Install your drivers
2. Copy and paste the 2 files at C:/MUTSW_SE/MUT3_SE/System/Common
3. Open MUT-3 SE, start diagnosis and choose your adapter from your list.



MUT-3 2023 Version Passthru solution for Godiag J2534:
Version: SEW23061-00 (Software can be downloaded here)
MUT III 2023 Software 1
Download ‘common‘ registry replacement file.

Right click on mut3se shortcut, open file location, go one folder back to see the common folder.
Rename the common folder to anyname like commonORI for example.
Extract the common.rar to same location and start your mut3se from your desktop shortcut.