Tips to Program Kia Rio/Hyundai Santa Fe 2023+ AKL by Autel IM608

Pin reading is hit or miss on newer Hyundai/Kia models with aftermarket tools. Some have no support for pincode read at the moment regardless of tool used.

The dealer didn’t even have access to the pin, i.e 2023 Kia Rio.

Newer models we had best luck with OBDSTAR or VVDI Key Tool Plus if it’s an 8A, 6A chip type. Autel does great on 4A and 47.


Here is a quick update for people who may worked or did not work on Hyundai Santa Fe models 2023+. Picture below is a 2023 model that had all keys lost.

Autel Im608 Hyundai Sante Fe 2023 All Keys Lost
Successfully done with Autel IM608 and no 3rd party pincode retrieval was needed. You can all read via OBD the pincode and either lishi the lock or just remove it for decoding to cut the emergency blade.

Lishi that supports keyway KK12 with 7 to 8 cuts. This model has 7 cuts. Have to remove lock because I didn’t have lishi like that in inventory. Easy disassembly and reinstall.

If you plan to get this vehicle done, please note:
-Autel has no universal key option to generate for this car, only until 2022 (TM Version). Car model below is TMA Version.
– Xhorse does have one, but proximity option will not work, but the rest will and only XM38 series is supported (selective few key types). If you get a car like this, luckily AKS has aftermarket variants that work great. Check with dealer first by VIN the part number and you are all set.
Did Elanta 2023, Sportage 2023, and this one and had no issues.
Good luck out there!