Autel MaxiTPMS ITS600 Built-on Autoauth Now Access FCA SGW TPMS

With an AutoAuth subscription, the Autel MaxiTPMS ITS600 tablet can perform bidirectional functions, such as OBD II Relearn, on 2017 and newer Stellantis vehicles, such as Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, RAM, and Fiat.

Check out the instructions here to learn how easy it is to set up AutoAuth on your tablet.

ITS600 Access FCA SGW 2

We have some exciting news to share with you today. One of the most common questions we get related to TPMS is Autel tools ability to service Fiat Chrysler automobiles now known as

stellantis. Newer stellantis vehicles are equipped with a secure Gateway module or as it’s often referred to an SGM module.  These manufacturers include Jeep Dodge Ram Chrysler Alpha Romeo Fiat and Maserati. The Security Gateway was implemented in 2018 and its function is to block unauthorized access to vehicle system so how does this affect our repair processes?


Technicians can still access vehicle information such as reading codes and viewing live data but bi-directional functions are where it gets tricky. We can access all the vehicle’s output information via traditional OBD2 capable tool but when it comes to inputs or making changes to the systems such as clearing codes, activating components, performing service, Bay tests or even module programming special software is required to gain access through the SGM. This restricted access can be problematic for even the simplest operations take a TPMS OBD relearn or an oil maintenance light reset. Just as an example a conventional TPMS tool is not able to write the new sensor IDs and wheel locations to the module.


Autel has partnered with autoauth. This specialized software allows autel’s tools to gain unrestricted access to Vehicles equipped with an SGM module. Many Autel tools can now utilize this software to perform specialized Diagnostics without being blocked by the secure Gateway system.

Until now technicians have faced significant challenges when servicing TPMS on 2018 and newer FCA Vehicles. This led to many disappointed vehicle service providers not to mention their

customers.  We’re proud to announce that Autel’s ITS600 is now Autoauth capable and can meet the challenges of servicing newer Vehicles equipped with secure Gateway modules.


First things this is subscription-based service so you’ll need to use your PC to go to and set up an account you’ll then need to add your autel tool to the account.

You using the serial number.  The procedure is the same as other Autel scanners. (Check How to purchase and activate FCA Autoauth for Autel)


It’s also important to make sure your ITS600 is registered and updated to the latest version. The tool software will have Autoauth built on and ready to use now.


Let’s perform an OBD relearn on this Chrysler Pacifica. The technicians just installed a new set of tires and four new autel MX sensor TPMS sensors.

First we will connect our VCI200 to the OBD2 port and power up ITS600 TPMS service tool. Once the VCI is paired with the tool, we will tap TPMS.

The ITS600 will automatically identify the year, make and model. We’re going to perform our relearn procedure utilizing the autoauth software.

ITS600 Access FCA SGW 0

ITS600 Access FCA SGW 3

ITS600 Access FCA SGW 4

ITS600 Access FCA SGW 5

Let’s start by activating each of the sensors so we can verify that they’re working correctly and at the same time the tool will make note of each sensor’s ID and its location now.

Let’s tap relearn tap OBD relearn you will now be prompted to sign into your autoauth account on the tool. You only need to sign in for the initial use.

You’ll now see prompts on the screen saying that you are accessing the module using Autoauth within a few seconds the TPMS relearn will be complete.

ITS600 Access FCA SGW 7

ITS600 Access FCA SGW 6

ITS600 Access FCA SGW 8

ITS600 Access FCA SGW 9

It’s just that simple.  Autoauth capability is available on a wide variety of autel’s advanced Diagnostic and service tools.

If you’re not sure if your tool is autoauth capable, contact our tech support at for more information.