VNCI PT3G Not Connect with PIWIS3 Software Solution

When your PIWIS3 software cannot connect to the VNCI PT3G scanner or the original PT3G/PT4G device, your PIWIS3 driver is tampered with or replaced.

You need to restore the original PIWIS3 driver.


The tampered driver needs to be changed back to the PIWIS3 OEM driver.

Restoring the PIWIS3 OEM driver is simple and requires only two steps

Step 1: Replace the driver file

Step 2: Execute the PIWIS OEM Driver Registry


1. Download the original PIWIS OEM driver (the current driver version is v3.5.6)

2. Open the PIWIS3 driver location, delete all files below the location, and copy the original driver file to the location.

PIWIS3 driver location path:  D:/PiwisApps/VCI/Actia_64/XS_D_PDU_API_64/

PIWIS3 Cannot Connect Vnci Pt3g 1

3. Copy the following registry contents to a text file with a.reg suffix, and double-click the file to run it.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
"Image Version"="3.5r06-13787-108"
"Image File"="D:/PiwisApps/VCI/Actia_64/XS_D_PDU_API_64/PT3G-VCI-3.5r06-13787-108-20220801"
"Module Version"="3.5.6"
"Module File"="D:/PiwisApps/VCI/Actia_64/XS_D_PDU_API_64/PT3G-VCI-D-PDU-API-Fw.tgz"
"Image Boot Timeout"=dword:0001d4c0
"Update Timeout Default"=dword:00003a98
"Update Timeout Image"=dword:00030d40
"Update Timeout Module"=dword:0000afc8
"Module Name"="D-PDU-API"

4. Finally, connect the VNCI PT3G or the original PT3G/PT4G device, run the ACTIA_D-PDU_API_Tester.exe program, click Start to run, all communication protocols are completely passed, indicating that the original device driver is fully restored to normal, as shown below:

PIWIS3 Cannot Connect Vnci Pt3g 2

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