Autel MX808 Chrysler FCA Registration Authorization Has Expired Solution


Just finished up on a Jeep Gladiator 2020. Autel MX808 scanner got codes but cant read. Decoded the vin number. But get this message now. What is the next step? My scanner has been expired since the first of the year.

Autel Mx808 Registration Authorization Has Expired


You need to purchase the Auto Auth subscription to unlock Jeep.

You also need to have active Autel regular subscription.
You need both active subscription and auto auth to clear codes or do anything more than just read them.
Auto auth isn’t going to work with an expired subscription on the Autel diagnostic scanners.

If you use the adc2011 and you will not have a problem even with an expired subscription.

How to Purchase, Activate and Use FCA AutoAuth for Autel Scanners?