Godiag ENET Cable vs BMW ENET Cable

What is the difference between Godiag GT109 ENET cable and regular BMW ENET cable?

Godiag Enet Cable Vs Bmw Enet Cable

1. Godiag ENET cable comes with a Voltage indicator. Users will quickly check the current vehicle voltage.

Godiag Enet Cable 2

2. Godiag ENET cable has low voltage alarm function.

If the voltage is lower than 11.5v, it will alarm to remind customers that the voltage is low, the vehicle cannot be started, cannot carry out diagnostic or programming.

The benefits of low voltage alarm:

1).If voltage is low during programming, do not force programming, give a power supply immediately. Especially on BMW cars, low-voltage programming can easily cause module damage.

2). The car has been stored for a long time and the battery can no longer start the vehicle, but some customers still try to start it. In this way, the battery can easily be seriously depleted and scrapped due to forced starting. If the customer receives this prompt to call the police, do not start the vehicle. Start directly with emergency power supply or power supply.


The Godiag ENET cable comes to replace the BMW ENET cable. It is cheap, $19.99 only.

Godiag cable supports BMW, Benz, VAG, Volvo DoIP models diagnostics, coding and programming with corresponding software.



Obdii365.com engineer has tested the Godiag ENET cable on VAG MLB and MQB platform. Works without issue.


MLBEVO paltform:
A4LB9, Q5L, A6C8, A7,A8D5, Q7 ok
2021 A3L, A5, Q8, E-Tron, Q5etron, Q4 ok
VW ID3 ID4 ID6 ok

MQBEVO platform
2020-2022 Golf 8 ok

2021-2022 TALAGON ok
2020-2022 A3L ok
2021-2022 Teramont ok
2021-2022 Teramont X ok
2021-22 Skoda Octavia Pro ok

Also tested working on the new Bentley, Lamborghini and 2022- Audi models.

Godiag Enet Cable 3

More video guide coming soon.