How to Update Autel MX808 Firmware?

Here we will explain the VCI firmware update on the Autel MaxiCheck MX808 and any of the Autel scan tools with wire cable.

This would include the DS808, IM508, MS906 non-bluetooth models.

What it means is there is a vci firmware board mounted inside the tablet and not externally from the tablet like the Bluetooth units and these do need updating separately from time to time.


What does the update do?

The VCI “Vehicle Communication Interface” Module is how the Scantool talks to the Vehicle. Sometimes either the Scantools software requires a change in how this communication is done and sometimes it’s a new vehicle that has a different method. Updating the VCI FirmWare ensures the communication between the two continues.


In order to do the VCI update on the mx808, we need to go Settings.

Go under Settings, and go into Firmware Update.

Update Autel Mx808 Firmware 1

Update Autel Mx808 Firmware 2

The data cable actually need to be plugged into a power supply or vehicle.

It’s plugged into the obd2 port and we can tell it’s functioning because we’ve got the little car green light up the top.

Update Autel Mx808 Firmware 3

Without it being connected to something it won’t do the firmware update.

Current firmware version is 1.08, the new version is 2.0.

Update Autel Mx808 Firmware 4

It’s telling me to update. Press Update Now.

Firmware is uploading please do not leave this page as a message that comes up quickly, and it reflashes the vci firmware board mounted inside the scan tools tablet to the latest version.

Update Autel Mx808 Firmware 5

so the current version is now 2.0.

Update Autel Mx808 Firmware 6

Reboot your vci to complete.

Update Autel Mx808 Firmware 7

Reboot the vci.  It’s purely as simple as removing it from the vehicle or removing it from its power source.

Disconnect main cable from MX808 main unit and reconnect it back in again.

Then now you can see it’s detecting the network again.

VCI firmware update is completed.

Update Autel Mx808 Firmware 8

You should carry out your vci firmware updates from time to time.

Our recommendation is to check at least once a month and this applies to all Autel scanners not just the cable ones.