Nissan Consult III Plus vs Nissan Consult III R2R vs NERS

What is the difference between these different versions? Nissan Consult III Plus, Nissan Consult III R2R and NERS.


There are two software for Nissan car programming. One is called NERS, and the other one called consult3 plus. NERS is the software for purely programming which you can program ECU and some TCU. Other stuffs you definitely need consult 3 plus.

Another software is called R2R which is very new software from Nissan. R2R can do full diagnostic using J2534 although the software works only after 2018 car.

Nissan Consult 3+ comes with Immo, but R2R does not. Immo cannot be done through the R2R side. Must have the Nissan tool to accomplish it.

Don’t confuse that with the Consult III-R2R or the NERS software which don’t have diagnostic capabilities or immobilizer functions but DO have coding/reprogramming options and are significantly cheaper to purchase or rent without requiring a huge yearly subscription fee.


NERS: For reprogramming, write/modify VIN, configuration, programming the NERS is the cheapest route for $350 + $599 (Mongoose Plus-J2534).
Consult III Plus: For diagnostics, reprogramming, write/modify VIN, configuration, programming this is $1300 + $599 (Mongoose Plus-J2534).
Consult III Plus (clone): For diagnostics & Immobilizer ONLY (VXDIAG Nissan ($229)/ VNCI Nissan $339).
Consult III Plus R2R: full diagnostic for 2018 onwards Nissan Infiniti, ECU programming/reprogramming, write/modify VIN, configuration


CONSULT-III Plus R2R Diagnostic System Information:

  • Software supports diagnostics functionality on all Nissan and Infiniti 2018 model years or newer vehicles.
  • Software supports all ECU programming/reprogramming & configuration on 1999 model year and newer vehicles and 2018 model year and newer for VIN writing into ECUs.
  • Software does not support Immobilizer diagnosis. Immobilizer diagnosis can be completed by authorized and registered Security Professionals using CONSULT-III plus software.
  • It is recommended the latest version of CONSULT-III plus R2R be installed before connecting to a vehicle.

Nissan Consult Plus R2r

CONSULT-III plus Information
Nissan Consult III Plus (Consult3 +) is a comprehensive diagnostic and service tool for Nissan and Infiniti vehicles, providing various features to diagnose and maintain these vehicles.

It offers a wide range of diagnostic capabilities, including fault code reading and clearing, sensor detection, real-time data stream monitoring, programming and coding, special function activation, and more.


  • Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Readout: It can read and display diagnostic trouble codes.
  • Clear Fault Codes: It can clear fault codes from the vehicle’s electronic control units (ECUs).
  • Retrieve Vehicle Information: Provides access to vehicle information.
  • Automatic Full Scan: Conducts a comprehensive diagnostic scan of the vehicle.
  • Learned Data Reset: Allows for the reset of learned data in the vehicle’s systems.
  • Manual Injector Cut Out: Supports manual control of injector cut-out.
  • Manual DPF Service Regeneration: Supports manual regeneration of diesel particulate filters (DPF).
  • Trip Reporting: Likely for generating reports on vehicle diagnostics.
  • Parameter Changes: Allows for adjustments to vehicle parameters.
  • Sensor and Parameter Monitoring: Monitors various sensors and parameters.
  • Live Data: Provides real-time data from the vehicle.
  • Transmission Sensor Values: Specifically monitors transmission-related sensor values.
  • General Sensor Values: Monitors general sensor values.
  • Engine Sensor Monitoring Test: Likely used for testing engine sensors

Install Vxdiag Nissan Consult 3 Plus V226 21

So pretty much nothing is different besides the Immobilizer function.


If you need just scan, I recommend Autel, Launch X431 or Consult3+ clone.  Autel and launch scanners can scan most of the modules except minor stuffs.

However, we recommend OEM consult 3 plus VII for programming.
If you go J2534 path, get cardaq2 or Jbox2.


Nissan Reprogramming options:

Option 1: Reprogramming/Configuration ONLY:
Mongoose Plus J2534 VCI Interface (Nissan approved list): $495
Consult III Plus R2R (1-day rental): $30 (download from
Juke firmware calibration file package (find your year/make ECU Part number from online Nissan parts dealership): $29.95 from
Total: $555

The Consult-III plus (with subscription) can do flashing updated firmware calibration from Nissan for the various on-board computers: ECM, TCM, BCU, ABS, IPDM, etc. The advantage here is what was once a dealer only capability: updating to the latest firmware, can now be purchased online for $29.95. Only Nissan corporate has the capability to extensively code/recode and release firmware updates for all the on-board computers. An example might be to update the TCM firmware to the latest version to address a TSB or similar.



Option 2: Reprogramming/Configuration ONLY:
Mongoose Plus J2534 VCI Interface (Nissan approved list): $495
NERS software (Consult III Plus, no diagnostics): $350 (download from
Juke firmware calibration file package (find your year/make ECU Part Number, example 23710-1TV5E for 1st gen AWD/CVT): $29.95 from
Total: $875


Option 3: Reprogramming/Configuration + FULL Diagnostics:
Autel Maxysis 908S Pro: $1,795
J2534 VCI Interface: Included
Total: $2,395

Or more expensive Autel MS909, MS919, Ultra series.

The Autel Maxysis 908S Pro (or Ultra series) use their own internal vehicle firmware calibration database to get the latest firmware version for Nissan & all other supported vehicles. To update that firmware database you have to pay a yearly subscription fee of $795 but it should come pre-loaded with the latest at time of purchase. It has every firmware calibration available for all supported vehicles makes/models. For older Jukes probably the current firmware will be available and they aren’t recoding that firmware much anymore. As an example my 2012 Juke probably has gone thru (22) firmware updates as of today and it’s currently at version 1TV5E. My engine is running the 1TV5B so when I could reflash to that then use the UPRev software to tweak that and just save the .bin file like I do for my ECUTek flashes.


Option 4: Reprogramming/Configuration + FULL Diagnostics:
Consult-III Plus: ($1300), 1 time purchase “each” year required for reprogramming/reflashing
BOSCH J-52925-VI3 interface: $1,046 from (TECH-MATE)
Juke firmware calibration file package (find your year/make ECU Part number): $29.95 from
Total: $2,376 + $1250 yearly subscription after 1st year


Option 5: Reprogramming/Configuration + FULL Diagnostics:

Another option might be the following: Purchase a 1-year subscription (software license and 1 year updates) for a Consult III Plus that will allow unlimited diagnostics and use it for that only, while still having unlimited programming/coding for the first year. Then maybe later purchase the Consult III-R2R or NERS strictly for cheap reprogramming/coding as needed with the daily $30 rental or $350 purchase respectively. This is kinda what the dealerships do basically renting out the software on the cheap. Make sense, combine the multiple softwares to do individual functions when you need them. Nissan – have the full blown Consult III Plus owners manual for download so I’d take a look at that as well just to see what you can and can’t do with the various softwares.