Launch CRP919E vs Thinkdiag

Thinkdiag could do everything the Laucnh CRP919E scanner could do? What’s the difference between them?


Check the table comparison below:

*The CRP919E and CRP919X are i identical.

Item Thinkdiag

Thinkdiag Vs Hds 01


Launch CRP919E/CRP919X

Launch Crp919e

System Android 5.1/iOS 9.0 Android 10.0
Software App Thinkdiag  
Screen 7 inch
Storage 3G/32G
Battery Built-in 6100 mAh Lithium Battery
Camera Function Yes
Connection Bluetooth USB
Car brand Software 115 car brands 150 car brands
Service reset function 16 31
OBD2 function 10 OBD2 full function 10 OBD2 full function
Full system diagnostic Yes Yes
ECU Coding Yes Yes
Update 1 year free update, $70 year later 2 Years Free Update, One-Click WiFi Update, $199 per year later
Language 10 Language optional 11 Languages Optional
Live data graph 4 Data display in 1 Graph 8-in-1 Live Data Stream Graphing
Print report Yes Yes
FCA Autoauth Yes
DoIP Yes
Battery test Yes with BST-360


Thinkdiag service function list:

1.Oil Reset Service
2.Steering Angle Calibration
3.Electronic Parking Brake Reset
4.Battery Register & Battery Maintenance
5.ABS Bleeding
6.Electronic Throttle Position Reset & Learn
7.Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration
8.Tire Pressure Monitor System Reset
9.Anti-theft Matching
10.Injector matching
11.Air Suspension Reset
12. Gearbox Reset
13.Sunroof RESET
14.AFS Reset
15.EGR Reset
16.Gear Learning



Launch CRP919E/CRP919X Service function list:

  • Steering Angle Reset
  • Injector Coding
  • IMMO M
  • DPF Regeneration
  • A/C relearn
  • ABS Bleeding
  • AdBlue Reset
  • Throttle Matching
  • TPMS Reset
  • Tire Reset
  • AFS Headlamp Reset
  • Sunroof Initialization
  • Battery Reset
  • Seat Calibration
  • A/F Reset:
  • Oil Reset
  • Transport Mode
  • Windows Calibration
  • Language Change
  • Suspension Reset
  • NOx Sensor Reset
  • Stop/Start Reset:
  • Coolant Bleeding
  • Brake Reset
  • Gear Learning
  • RESET EGR/EGR adaption
  • RESET HVOLBAT (High Voltage Battery Detection)
  • CCS(Cruise Control System) Calibration,
  • GPF(Gas Particular Filter) Regeneration,
  • Cylinder Power Balance Test


In sum:

Thinkdiag and CRP919E diagnostics and ecu coding function are almost the same. CRP919E new hardware supports CAN FD, DoIP protocols for new vehicles. It does much more special functions than thinkdiag. With CRP919E you can also access to FCA autoauth. 

When use the CRP919x to take a picture of a code, it contained the name of the module that the code was in. On the Thinkdiag, the code does not contain the name of module.

Also, the Thinkdiag does not have a screen so you will need an Android phone or tablet. There is an IOS app but you can not code with the IOS app.