KESS3 Ford SID209 OBD Read OK Failed to Write?

Here comes the problem:

Ford Ranger 2017 SID209. Have issues with writing. Alientech KESS3 reads OK via OBD, Writing back prompts file corrup or wrong file.
Won’t write origional back.

No issues with vehicle, still runs normally.

Ford Ranger Sid209 Ecu

Possible reason and solution:


It’s because the ecu have been tuned before or badly cloned previously. Password lost so cannot write ECU.

Try to open ECU and write in Boot mode.

Bootmode don’t use a power supply use a car battery.

Use a good car battery. Power supply is no good for a SID209.

Hopefully it didn’t brick the module sometimes too low voltage will junk a module. It needs lots of power (14.3 V 120 amp!).

If boot mode wouldn’t even identify ECU, the solution is flash original with FDRS or FJDS. You have access to FDRS refash the ecu and start again.




Similar problem 2:

Problem with a Sid209 ecu.
Used FoxFlash to read it, no problem. Removed Adblue and Stage1 done.
When i write it back it went super fast to 100%, gave back an error and car won’t start.



Tried to boot with KTAG, it starts to read but stops at about 40%.

Problem on KTAG is the voltage, use a laboratory power supply and set it to ~14,5 V and it will work. Some weeks ago my friend had same problem, bricked ECU by KT200. I tried to recover it by Autotuner Tool Bootmode, but there were always some changes in dump, AT support can’t help too. So final solution was KTAG, a cheap CLONE tool! You can use your OBD read for BOOT write, OBD on SID209 should be a ‘full read’. Good luck!