Xhorse VVDI2 OBD BDC Car Not Start Solution


Trying to program Bmw F48 BDC key with xhorse vvdi2 by OBD, after patch, programming ok, and when restoring original eeprom the vvdi2 returns swfl error and it is no longer possible to continue. Already read and saved coding before start to program. Car won’t start, doesn’t recognize key, how to solve it?

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Xhorse Vvdi2 Bmw F48 Bdc Car Not Start 2

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You must do it with battery maintenance if unlock it via OBD.

Try to rewrite original eeprom and start the whole process again.

If have a problem going back to the original file (write error), unsolder the eeprom and write it directly and everything was fine.

Or repair/reflash it with with E-sys.  Same thing happens what is solved with Esys but you have to be in the car because the fem/bdc platforms to work on the counter do not complete the recovery operation.

Xhorse Vvdi2 Bmw F48 Bdc Car Not Start 4

in some cases its good.
Last time I had FEM with unsupported swl.
Xhorse – update swl with e sys
Autel – update by itself.


Best way is to desolder at reading writing.

Using godiag FEM/BDC test platform is always safe and easier.

Xhorse Vvdi2 Godiag Fem


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