Autel MS906 Pro vs Launch X431 Pro Elite

Are you looking for a high-quality diagnostic scanner but not sure which one to choose? Today we’re putting 2 top contender head-to-head: the Launch X431 PRO ELITE &  Autel MaxiSYS MS906 Pro scan tool. We’ll compare their features, performance and overall value to help decide which one might be better fit for your needs.


X431 Pro Elite vs. MS906 Pro

Item Launch X431 Pro Elite
Launch X431 Pro Elite Image 1
Autel MS906 Pro
Autel Ms906 Pro
Price $579 $1,099
System Android 10.0 Android 10
Processor 2GHz, 4-core Exynos 660
Screen 8 inch, 1280*800 8inch, 1920*1200
ROM 64G 128G
Battery 6000mAh 11600mAh
Connection Cable (USD only) V200(wireless)
All system diagnose
Read & clear codes
Live data
Bi-directional/active test
Special functions 37+ 36+
Auto VIN
TPMS √ (with TSGUN) ×
Battery test √ (with BST360) √ (BT506)
IMMO key programming √ (with X-PROG3)
Hidden features
VAG Guided function
Scan VIN/Scan License Scan VIN
Pre & Post scan
FCA AutoAuth
ADAS Calibration √ need ADAS kit
Videoscope √ (with VSP600) √ (MV105S/MV108S)
ECU coding  Only offline coding, don’t support online coding √ (BMW/Porsche/VW)
Update  2 free years, $199 per year later 1 free year, $460 per year later
Language English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese,

Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Hungarian, Finish, Czech,

Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Danish, Romanian, Serbian, Swedish,

Traditional Chinese, Thai, Persian, Simplified Chinese



Pros & Cons Comparison

Launch X431 Pro Elite Autel MS906 Pro
PROS Extensive vehicle coverage

Advanced functionalities

OE-level capabilities

User-friendly interface

Regular updates

Durability and warranty

Advanced diagnostics

Customizable scans

Powerful hardware

Wireless connectivity

Compatible with additional modules

CONS Limited customer support

Subscription fees


cannot do online coding

Subscription required

Limited warranty

Large and bulky

Software updates

Recommendation Both are suitable for serious DIY mechanics and professional technicians willing to invest in advanced features. Consider your technical expertise, budget and intended use case before making a decision.




X431 Pro Elite connects via USB while MS906 Pro connects via Bluetooth. Both supports CAN FD & DoIP.

MS906 Pro supports Scan VIN, scan license, pre & post scan, Pro elite does not.

But Pro Elite’s price is half of MS906Pro.  Pro Elite also comes with 2 years free update and MS906Pro only 1 year.

Both the X431 Pro Elite & MS906 Pro are exceptional OBD2 scanners that offer extensive vehicle coverage, advanced diagnostic functions and reliable performance.

The choice between the two ultimately comes down to your specific needs, budget and preferences.  Whether you’re a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, investing in a high-quality diagnostic tool like these can save your time, money and headaches down the road.