Alientech KESS3 Clone Fiat 8GSF Car Not Start Solution


It is a Fiat 500 8GSF ECU. Cloned via boot on Alientech kess3. All went well no issues gave customer ECU back now non start? (Was running before but with misfire issue in old ECU). Now got no crank and suspected Immo fault. Live date showing BCM locked?

KESS3 Fiat 500 8GSF


It’s definitely clutch pedal issue as not switching when pressed on live data.

Had one similar, and had to relearn clutch pedal position with scan tool after clone.

Autel MS909/919/Ultra will do Clutch pedal learning.

You can also learn clutch position with multie=cuscan.
Fiat multiecuscan is a useful tool.





** UPDATE was clutch pedal learn needed doing. End up using MultiECUScan to learn the pedal**