Autel vs Launch X431 for Jaguar Land rover Programming

As titled, Autel and Launch X431 top-end diagnostic scanner which is better for Jaguar and Land rover programming?

Jaguar And Land Rover

Launch X431 PAD line of devices (PAD III, PAD V and PAD VII) is definitely helpful.
The PAD just walks into the Jaguar Land server, downloads all the appropriate files, and flashes them.
Nothing is needed but an up-to-date Launch Pad and the internet.

X-431 PAD series will do JLR online programming till

Jaguar till 2017 year
Land rover till 2017 year


Launch PAD series also supports built-in online programming for many other car brands:


Launch X431 PAD V and PAD VII Online & Offline Programming Car List

Launch X431 definitely has SCN coding. The Launch PAD software programs and SCN codes Mercedes and BMW as well as Nissan, Volkswagen, Hyundai/Kia, Renault, Ford/Mazda, Subaru, Nissan, Land rover, Jaguar and more.


The fact that the Launch Pad V can access the Mercedes servers and grab SCN codes almost made it worth the price alone. For example, on a 2006 Mercedes CLS500. I had a customer bring me a used PCM, like from the junkyard. Normally its not easy to do this, but i was able to virginize the PCM on the bench. Once i virginized the PCM, i was able to install it in the car and the Launch was able to do EVERYTHING needed to make the car start and drive in about 20 mins…..all from the tablet.

The Launch lets me enter the Asbuild data manually, but other than that, you gotta breakout a laptop and passthru device. Any old OTC/Bosch superscanner has a full j2532 passthru as its VCI . I have a job where a Range Rover Evoque PCM was replaced with a used one. Nothing Autel has can help me here. I have to hook up Launch PAD. 


Launch X431 does JLR programming till year 2017. For 2017+ onwards DoIP models, you need Launch smartbox with Topix Cloud subscription.


Autel only does BMW, Mercedes online programming, Benz, BMW, VAG and Porsche online coding. It does not do online programming for other brands.  To program modules for other brands you will need Autel J2534 passthru and OEM subscription.

Autel’s first generation VCI, i.e IM608 JVCI does not have the right protocol and it cannot be used as J2534 passthru for JLR Pathfinder Topix Cloud. You will need 2nd generation VCI, i.e JVCI+.

See more:

Can I Use Autel J2534 with JLR Pathfinder Topix Cloud?


One thing it was missing is its Key programming powers are not as tops as Autel MaxiIM lines. 

So no tool can do it all it seems, no matter how much money it costs. I recommend working your way up to the top tier of both names. Autel IM608 with XP400 and ect/ Launch Pad+ with Xprog3 and ect.