Foxflash Fiat Marelli MJD8F OBD Error Inject?

Just did a Fiat Marelli MJD8F reading/writing/checksum OK with foxflash.
But it made me an error (error inject)? Why?
The vehicle has no issues working at all.

foxflash mjd8f


Voltage is low.

In obd you need minimum of 13V try 3 or 4 times however reading is minimum 1h!

It is read marelli. Software does not upload injector codes file when finished writting. Gotta get the injector codes back.

Each time that you work with Marreli in obd you have to do a code injectors read with a scan tool.

Flex just deletes the injectors code even you just make a read by obd.

The best way is to use Autel or similar and take note of the lettering code of the injectors.
After the mod just write them back with autel or similar.
It is the safest way.
Even if we back up the injectors code with flex you just can make it to write them back correctly.
Somehow the read of that memory position does not work well.