Foxflash Failed to Read Fiat IAW 9DF via OBD?

One of foxflash users failed to read and write Fiat MARELLI IAW 9DF ECU via OBD.

Error writing error ChangeSpeed. Possible Secure Gateway presence. Check to bypass.

Foxflash Fiat 9df Obd

Here is the clue.

If it is 2018+ model, it has SGW. Put the SGW bypass cable.

Need to bypass cable or open ecu and jtag boot.

HW000 no need to open ECU, it is VR reading. You need a bypass cable if SGW model.

If it is HW000, it is faster on bench. It takes 10 minutes to read and 10 minutes to write on bench.

Fca Cable 001

HW01 OBD ok, the real reading takes a very long time, more than two hours. Reading 2h30 writing 5-10 minute.

Bench is faster,  hw01 take out and read full mode on desk. Only 4 screws. About 18 min read 20 min write on desk.

Foxflash Fiat 9df 2

Hw02 only jtag boot about 22 min read 26 min write.

HW02 is a hard ecu. Take it at 80 degree in Ofen for 20 min then it works or headgun to hot it.


Check Foxflash Fiat 9DF Jtag pinout:

Foxflash Read Fiat Marelli 9DF via OBD or Jtag Mode?



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