3 Ways to Read BMW FRM Module with Xhorse VVDI Prog

There are 3 ways to read BMW FRM footwell module using Xhorse vvdi prog programmer.


Way 1: with MC9S12 adapter

Vvdi Prog 9s12 Cable

With MC9S12 adapter, solder the adapter to FRM module following the wiring diagram

Vvdi Prog Read Bmw Frm 9s12 Cable 2

look 4 wires.

Vvdi Prog Read Bmw Frm 9s12 Cable


Way 2: with FRM Clip adapter

There are several FRM clip adapters on the aftermarket.

1.black clip adapter

BMW FRM Clip Adapter

Vvdi Prog Frm Clip Adapter 1

Vvdi Prog Frm Clip Adapter 2

Vvdi Prog Frm Clip Adapter 3

2. yellow clip adapter

Vvdi Prog Frm Clip Adapter 4


Clip adapter is not always working, sometimes will report error DB25 adapter not connected.



Way 3: with FRM solder free adapter

Bmw Frm Adapter

To use XDNP18 FRM solder free adapter with vvdi prog, you also need a DB25 to DB15 converter.

Xhorse Db25 Adapter


FRM solder free adapter wiring connection


Bmw E70 Mc9s12xeq384 Frm

When setting up the connection, select: other BMW FRM read, and look at what mcu mask you have. It has these options.

Vvdi Prog Bmw Frm

Then follow instructions here to read/write/repair BMW FRM module by vvdi prog.

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