Can Autel/Launch X431 do VAG SFD Unlock?


Can Launch X431 or Autel diagnostic scanners do SFD* (Vehicle Diagnostic Protection) unlock on VAG cars?



Launch X431 cannot unlock VAG SFD.

Autel scanner will do, but need to purchase token from 3rd party.

For example:

I have a 2021 Audi, I have to make a basic adjustment to the gearbox and Autel Ultra asks me for a token to unlock the SFD code.

In this case you need to purchase token to unlock the SFD code.

Unlock Sfd Autel 3 Unlock Sfd Autel 4

Unlock Sfd Autel 2


Some common diagnostic devices used to remove SFD lock on Volkswagen vehicles include:

1. OBDELEVEN ULTIMATE: OBDeleven is the first third-party tool officially approved by the Volkswagen Group (VAG) to access the latest Volkswagen Group (VAG) models with the latest SFD lock.

Officially licensed by Volkswagen Group (VAG).

2. VCDS (VAG-COM Diagnostic System): VCDS is a popular tool for diagnosing and programming Volkswagen vehicles.

Although there are versions used by non-authorized users, professional versions generally used by authorized service centers provide access to features such as removing the SFD lock.

3. ODIS (Offboard Diagnostic Information System): ODIS is another official diagnostic device used for diagnosis and programming of Volkswagen Group’s vehicles.

This system helps authorized services access vehicles safely and effectively.


OBDeleven is what people usually use to unlock SFD.


*What is SFD?

SFD consists of the initials of the German words Schutz Fahrzeug Diagnose. It can be translated into Turkish as Vehicle Diagnostic Protection.

Volkswagen’s vehicle diagnostic protection lock (English: Security Access or SFD – Security Access Function) feature is a security measure used to access and make changes to the electronic control units (ECUs) in the vehicle.

This feature ensures that programming or diagnostic operations performed on the vehicle are not performed by unauthorized persons.

In Volkswagen vehicles, access to the electronic control units in the vehicle can be achieved through diagnostic devices used primarily by automobile service centers or authorized technicians.

However, this access often requires a special security code or authorization level. Volkswagen’s vehicle diagnostic protection lock, or SFD, feature is designed to prevent this unauthorized access.

Vehicle diagnostic protection lock may be required, especially in operations such as changing features that may affect vehicle performance or change emission values ​​(e.g. engine power setting).

This feature ensures that authorized persons or service centers follow certain security protocols and that changes made to the vehicle are safe and legal.