Pinout for GODIAG GT100 Breakout Box to OBDSTAR DC706

OBDSTAR MP001 programmer can be used to replace the P003/P003+ adapter, but MP001 does not come with V3 Bench A cable.

You have to purchase Bench jumper cable separately.

Without bench cable, MP001 cannot connect with OBDSTAR DC706.

Obdstar Bench Cable

If don’t have the bench cable, possible to build a DIY bench cable for MP001?

Here is the user’s working experience. Try with caution.


If you have P003+, it has one more wire than the P003 cable. You can use that with the MP001 and it is ok.

If you don’t have P003+, you can make a DB15M to DB15F to go between the Godiag GT100+ breakout box and the DC706. Just to cut the hassle of using 2 leads and the cable length.

OBDSTAR DC706 To GT100 Pinout 1

Easy to do plug the cables in to the GoDiag, switch the power button on (no power supply connected obviously), then ping test the OBD pins on top of the GoDiag box back to the male plug that goes in to the DC706. Used a DB15m to DB15f lead and cut it in half. Then connected the wires appropriately in the middle.

It’s worked on various ECUs/modules so far. Always power the adapters and the GoDiag directly and not through the DC706 so to speak. That’s why the power connectors are on the adapters. God knows where the rumour came from saying you had to put the power into the DC706. That’s rubbish. Pin test the power connectors from the DC706 to the adapters and they are connected straight through with no buffer. All it risks with the power going into the DC706 is damaging the DC706 if you have a short further down the line. Then there’s the resistance and voltage drop introduced with the then very long length of thin wire to the ECU or whatever. Try doing that with a PCR2.1 ECU when it’s having one of it’s programming moments.


Godiag breakout box pinout to DC706

OBDSTAR DC706 To GT100 Pinout 2


OBDSTAR DC706 To GT100 Pinout 3

NOTE: It is not our work. Credit to Mr. Tim Stewart.