Alientech KESS3 Update Iveco S-Way MD1CE101 by OBD

Alientech KESS3 released a new update- Work via OBD on Iveco S-Way with Bosch MD1CE101 ECUs.


A great opportunity is now available for your workshop: work quickly and effectively on the latest giants branded Iveco. Satisfy your customers by connecting to the Bosch MD1CE101 ECU through the OBD diagnostic port to manage the calibration parameters of Euro6-D Cursor engines.

New supported ECU:
Bosch MD1CE101


Choose KESS3 and expand your vehicle fleet even in the heavy transport field with new dedicated protocols. Offer an exclusive service by enhancing performance and reducing fuel consumption. Additionally, use it for repairs when needed.


Bosch MD1CE101

Truck List:

S-Way CURSOR570 12.9L R6 Diesel 419 kW
S-Way CURSOR510 12.9L R6 Diesel 375 kW
S-Way CURSOR480 11.1L R6 Diesel 353 kW
S-Way CURSOR460 11.1L R6 Diesel 338 kW
S-Way CURSOR420 11.1L R6 Diesel 309 kW
S-Way CURSOR400 8.7L R6 Diesel 294 kW
S-Way CURSOR360 8.7L R6 Diesel 265 kW
S-Way CURSOR330 8.7L R6 Diesel 243 kW

Activate TRUCK/TRACTOR protocols – OBD and start working immediately with KESS3 on the new Iveco S-Way.