Launch X431 Chevrolet Corvette Hydraulic System Flush Procedure

Besides the GM deal tool, do any of the other OBD based tools have this functionality (DCT Hydraulic System Flush Procedure)?


*Hydraulic System Flush Procedure. It’s all computer, GM dealers use a scan tool to run the MDI and SPS Programs which initiates the hydraulic system flush procedure. The programs circulate the transmission fluid through the transmission which is circulating all the fluids through the DTC filter before they change it. The program takes about eight minutes to complete. GM requires this procedure to be done by the dealer when the DCT filter is changed.


Is there any scan tool that can initiate the hydraulic system flush procedure on the Chevrolet Corvette?

The Launch X431 and Autel MS906 pro (or advanced Maxisys) bidirectional scanners can but they aren’t cheap.

X431 makes a less expensive one that will perform the DCT flush, and some other things like bleeding the brakes.

Launch models CRP919E ($389.00) / CRP919EBT ($439.00) / X431 V ($749.00) will be able to perform the HSF procedure.

Software revision 49.45 and onwards does have the hydraulic flush procedure.

Like the X-431 it performs diagnostics on practically every car currently made so you can diagnose all your vehicles.


Creader Elite GM and handheld Launch scanners will not perform HSF on Corvette.

The Launch X-431 will run all the flush and bleed procedures. Plug it into Corvette C8 and it will perform the many functions, including the DCT filter flush.

The Launch update has what appears to be the automated DCT hydraulic flush procedure. Several software versions prior had the flush procedure, but listed the individual steps instead.

Selecting transmission control module brings you here

Launch X431 Chevy DCT Hydraulic Flush 1

Selecting special functions brings you here

Launch X431 Chevy DCT Hydraulic Flush 2

Selecting hydraulic system flush procedure brings you here. Note the time to run this – which is the same time as the MDI 2 the dealer uses.

The seven individual steps by themselves are no longer listed.

These are the four transmission procedures.

When requesting this procedure, a brief description is given such as engine/trans temps, service brake applied and the time it takes to complete.

Selecting the flush procedure starts the program. It does not open up to the individual steps like the earlier software. The 7 separate procedures were deleted.

Launch X431 Chevy DCT Hydraulic Flush 3


Launch CRP919/X431 series scanners can perform Hydraulic System Flush Procedure on 2023 and 2024 Chevy Corvette, but can’t do it on other years.

The ’23 and ’24 cars have the HST software code already in the ECU / TCM, and earlier years don’t. The Launch model referenced can only execute the built-in procedure, but isn’t able to write the procedure into the ECU / TCM like the GM tool can.

You will need the GDS2 and tech2win diagnostic subscription on Techline Connect for the MDI 2 to do it. This is different than the $40 vin unlock for module programming. It’s gets expensive really fast for the diagnostic subscription by the time you get a laptop that’s capable of running Techline Connect.