How to Transfer Foxflash Tool Onwership?

If you are going to buy a used foxflash tool or sell your foxflash to another guy, how to transfer ownership?


Here is the clue.

You can read the instructions on foxflash official website:

Foxflash Transfer Ownership

To transfer foxflash ownership, you need to

1. Contact your original seller (send S/N and order information. to ensure you are purchasing an eligible item) Your seller will report the transformation request to foxflash team.

2. Contact (send S/N, seller information and request)


Before buying used foxflash products, foxflash tech will ask you send both the serial number of the tool and the data of the seller so that you know

-Type of license and activated software packages
– Possibility of installation on other computers
-Warranty on any damage
-Cost of transfer of ownership



Any questions feel free to contact