Free Download VNCI Suzuki SDT-II Software V2.29.0.4

VNCI tech released a new VNCI Suzuki 6516SZ diagnostic scanner with Suzuki Smart Diagnostic Tester II (SDT-II) software.


Software version:

Contact us for software download link (including driver for VNCI j2534).
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VNCI is compatible with original VCI driver. Don’t need 3rd party driver.

VNCI Suzuki SDT II Software 1

Operating system: Win7, Win10

Compatible device: VNCI Suzuki 6516SZ diagnostic interface

works with the Suzuki diagnostics application running on a PC to diagnose Suzuki vehicles.

Vnci Suzuki

Connection: USB, WiFi and WLAN


  • Support all Suzuki models
  • Diagnostic/ programming/ immobilizer
  • VIN check, vehicle health check, CAN bus check…

Language: German Greek English Spanish French Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Dutch Norwegian Polish Portuguese Russian Slovak Swedish Thai Turkish Chinese

VNCI Suzuki SDT II Software 3

VNCI Suzuki SDT II Software 4

VNCI Suzuki SDT II Software 5

VNCI Suzuki SDT II Software 6

FYI: Some also managed to install SDT-II software with VCM2 clone.

This is how they make it work with the suzuki sdt2 software.

“I used the cheapest FORD VCMII clone from China….yep..the cheapest $ 110.

I used a dell latitude d630 with clean install windows 7 32 bit professional.
I installed the FORD V.86.
I opened the Bosch VCI manager and updated the VCM II to work with ford v86.
I installed suzuki sdt2 software, and when the install asked me to connect the VCMII i connected the FORD VCM II and continued with the install.
Once it finished I opened the BOSCH folder, then VTX-VCI sub folder, and copied the entire contents of the VCI Software (Ford-VCM-II) to VCI Software (6516-Suzuki). Replace all files !!!
the suzuki software will see the VCMII as the OEM VCM even that the VCI manager say its a FORD VCMII.
The regedit will look into the folder VCI Software (6516-Suzuki) for all the drivers, and it will load the FORD drivers to make it work.

I confirm that the ford VCMII works perfectly with suzuki DST2 software.
I connected a 2015 car non USA model and worked perfectly.
I also connected other USA model cars and worked OK.

But you can’t program VIN or ecu programming if the base is NOT had it….but diagnosis is ok……..

Remember to open VCI manager and connect the VCM before you go into the suzuki or ford software.
Hope this helps !! “