Launch i-TPMS vs TSGUN TPMS Tool

What’s the difference between 2024 new Launch i-TPMS and the previous TSGUN TPMS service tool?

Launch I Tpms Vs Tsgun

They have the same functions. Support all 315/433MHz sensors activation, programming, relearning and Diagnostics.


TSGUN: must be combined with Launch X431 scanners to perform TPMS function. The device itself is not working.


i-TPMS: It will combine with Launch X431 scanners. It also works standalone via i-TPMS app.


Scan QR code here to download i-TPMS App for Android ONLY

For Android system smartphone user, scan the following QR code or the QR code on the back of the i-TPMS device to download and install the i-TPMS app on the phone.

Launch I TPMS App

Launch i-TPMS mobile APP Function:
Brand new mode, combined with i-TPMS mobile APP can

Replace the tire pressure sensor

Activate sensor
Program sensor ID
Query sensor OE part number
Generate tire pressure detection reports, etc.

Launch I TPMS Connection