Safe to Read SID208 SID209 with KESS3 by OBD?

Is it safe obd on Ford/PSA SID208 and SID209 ECU with Alientech KESS3?

KESS3 SID208 1

Yes, it is safe, Our customers done a lot of Transit and Ranger adblue/dpf/egr etc…no issue.

Kess 3 with battery stabiliser, SID208 or 209 don’t like battery voltage under 12volts when read or write, never had an issue. Need 14 volts power.

Use power supply with a good battery, not only alimentation stabilised. Internal resistor is too high for use with standart alimentation and pic voltage down are not allowed for this ECU.

May need battery reset after flashing.






1. 2020 ranger 3.2 done with kessv3 by OBD.

2. Did a 2016 66 transit custom today and it was a sid208

3. Ford Ranger 3.2 2016 done with kess 3 no problem.

Kess3 Sid209 1

KESS3 SID208 2

If failed to work by obd so benched it in place, used power supply that came with kess, worked no problems

In boot you will avoid problems just need ECU out.




1.). If reading a Ford SID209 (i.e 2015 ford transit 3.2 diesel) with OBD and said reading preparation failed and now van won’t start.

It just went into boot mode. Disconnect battery and leave it for 10 minutes and it will work again.

Sid209 on Kess3 and even Autotuner can also fail via OBD. It often causes a non-start issue which is solved by a battery reset for 30 minutes.
Over the years I’ve tuned loads using Kess3/Kessv2 and Autotuner and it’s always a bit of a roulette.
Sid208 and sid211 far less problematic.
Go for ECU out and Boot it.


2). If reading Sid 208 from PSA more than 1 hour of communication without success.

disable antivirus, turn off the pc, turn it back on, turn off antivirus and it worked.



According to user reports, flex is better on SID209. Flex is great on these sid208/209 , full memory over obd even eeprom (like boot read)