Yanhua Mini ACDP ‘Exceed the Calculation Limit’ Solution

How to solve Yanhua Mini ACDP exceeding the server calculation limit problem?


Example 1:

I need to clone an old BMW DME msd87.2 and I bought Yanhua Mini ACDP and Module 27 to do this. Why am I being controlled with limitations?

“device has reached the number of calculations”
Decive Has Reach The Number Of Calculations 2

Example 2

I’m trying to read isn from BMW Msv80. Acdp said ‘the number of server calculations has exceeded the limit’.

Decive Has Reach The Number Of Calculations

Answer and solution:

The MSD8x MSV80 kind of DME’s need a special server calculation. After a couple times, it shuts you down. Up to 5 times per day.

Do it the next day.

If you are urgent, send the ACDP serial number to ACDP engineer to add 1-2 calculations.