How to Calculate MQB Sync Data with Launch X431 Built-in Calculator?

VAG VW Audi Skoda Seat MQB48 NEC35XX all keys lost require uploading sync data to proceed. Autel, Xhorse all require 3rd party to calculate sync data.

Launch X431 x-prog3 has an integrated mqb2 calculator.  There is now a MQB sync Data calculator built into to immo software. You don’t need to obtain sync data from 3rd party.

The function requires Launch X431 IMMO Plus/IMMO Elite or Pro5/PAD V/PAD VII with x-prog3 programmer and IMMO license.


Supported MQB chip types:


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There is a ‘Obtain sync data’ option under MQB NEC35XX All keys lost function

Launch X431 Immo Plus Mqb Sync Data 1

Launch x431 + xprog
with Integrated mqb2 calculator
You need to read the modules

Instrument panel CS code 16 bytes
Ecu 16 bytes CS code
Tcu 16 bytes CS code
ELV 16 bytes CS (if present)

Then you will get sync data for free.

Launch X431 Mqb Calculator 2Launch X431 Mqb Calculator 3

The function is free. But has limitations each day. It will show the maximum limit of free uses has been reached.

Need to wait and calculate sync data the next day.

Launch X431 Immo Plus Mqb Sync Data 4

MQB NEC35XX wiring diagrams can be found on the tablet.

Launch X431 Immo Plus Mqb Sync Data 3

Here is an example of adding MQB NEC35XX spare key with Launch X431 IMMO Plus

How to Add VAG MQB NEC35XX Key with Launch X431 IMMO Pad?