Alientech KESS3 Simos 18.1 OBD or Boot?

Is it safe to read and write Simos 18.1 with Alientech kess3 by OBD? or better boot mode?


KESS V3 reads and write Simos 18.1 via both obd and boot mode.


OBD mode:

Works perfectly kess3 with simos18x. In obd, first writing takes a bit but the next 1min.

It is safe 100%. Just need a lot of patience and a tension finder because it takes some time to write it.


For example:

1. literally just done one a on 2016 golf simos 18.10. File was on server took a good 50mins to write, paused at 28% for ages and timer kept going up. it worked at the end.

I did one for Octavia 5E. It started slowing down at 30%. Took nearly an hour to get through. There were instances it was pausing and starting again which was a bit doubtful. But reflashing again after a correction took few minutes which was surprising. I assume a full write is consuming all that time.


When OBD on vag continental simos. Have the writing go very slow?

First OBD writing takes long time do to ECU unlock.
Second writing is usually less than 10 minutes.

KESS3 Simos 18.1 Obd

Boot mode:

Apply +12v power from the car battery
For this type ecu not enough kess power supply
13.6v/13.5v is normally fine for Simos.

One of our customers did one boot today because Autotuner and Flex wouldn’t read the password but Kess 3 did. It worked. Kess 3 works good. I always do a boot read for safety but vr is good.

Kess3 Simos 18.1 Boot 1

Kess3 Simos 18.1 Boot 2

Kess3 Simos 18.1 Boot 3