Can Launch X-prog3 Repair BMW FRM Module?

Is it possible to repair BMW FRM footwell module with Launch x-prog3? It is corrupt so it won’t communicate. It needs to be reset/repaired. This is a frequently asked question about x-prog3.

Autel Im608 Repair Bmw Frm Module 3


It is a No. This is confirmed by Launch engineer. X-prog3 will read and save flash, but it wouldn’t read dflash and eeprom.
Read partition it said it is not partitioned. So NO as it read write whole file for cloning.

But you can do coding with Launch X431 scanners (ProS Mini, X431 V, X431 V+, x431 Pro3S+, Pro5, PAD V, PAD VII etc).

With Launch diagnosis, enter BMW, coding and programming, select BMW model, select FRM model, download the file from the server, save the file, program the FRM with the downloaded file.


For example:

Launch X431 FRM3 Module Mini Cooper R56 Coding Guide

Read vehicle information

Launch X431 Bwm Frm3 Coding 1

Detect FRM related fault codes

Launch X431 Bwm Frm3 Coding 2

Select Coding/Program->FRM (Footwell Module)

Launch X431 Bwm Frm3 Coding 3

Turn off ignition
Wait 15 seconds
Turn on ignition
Code Control Unit

Recoding in process.

Recoding is completed.

Launch X431 Bwm Frm3 Coding 4

If need a programmer to repair the existing BMW FRM module, use these tools.


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