Free Download Mitsubishi MUT-III PRE21061 and J2534 Drivers

Original Mitsubishi MUT-III car diagnostic software download free. It works with MUT-3 and j2534 devices

The MUT-III system allows full diagnostics OF all Mitsubishi vehicle electronic components, measurement of engine and transmission parameters, configuration and adaptation of vehicle electronic components, updating of vehicle firmware (firmware), etc.


Part I: Download Mitsubishi MUT-III Software 

Software version:

Mitsubishi MUT III PRE 21061-00 [2021.11] For cars only. Not for Fuso trucks.

Download LINK 1

Download LINK 2

MUT III 2106

Language: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Chinese.

Operating system: Win 7, Win 10, Win 11

Compatible devices: VCI MUT-3 or special driver for J2534 devices (Openport 2.0, Scanmatick 2 pro, Autel Maxiflash etc)


As a rule these devices works well:

Bosch/Ford — VCM II
Bosch KTS 570
Drew MongoosePro MFC
JCI Alliance Probe
J2534 Mangoose (Mongoose JLR)
Allscanner VCX
VCX Nano N52FM (driver VXDIAG J2534)
Scanmatik 2 pro (with J2534 drivers)

Openport 2.0

Autel Maxiflash




Part II: Download MUT-III J2534 Drivers


Software does not include special J2534 drivers.

It works with j2534 VCIs, just need to configure drivers.

Download MUT III J2534 Drivers

Credit to ParisCY.

If work openport or some passthru devices (MaxiFlash Elite, Maxiflash JVCI, MaxiFlash VCMI, MaxiVCI VCI200, V1Flash, SM2 Pro, Openport 2.0 (mini vci is not recommended)), install drivers, software will not see hardware, need to configure drivers.

You need to use only MUT-III SE and in CAN BUS cars only.
You need to install your J2534 drivers.
Then you need to use a patch/configurator/emulator (link above).
Need to install and configure special drivers manager.

Mut Iii J2534 Drivers

How to configure J2534 drivers for MUT-III?

1. Install your drivers
2. Copy and paste the 2 files at C:/MUTSW_SE/MUT3_SE/System/Common
3. Open MUT-3 SE, start diagnosis and choose your adapter from your list.


Will Allscanner vxdiag work as J2534 for MUT III??
Depending on which model, there are models that only supports the Doip protocol. You can enter your device model on the Internet and read the information.

You need to copy the driver folder of vxdiag, open regedit navigate to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\PassThruSupport.04.04 and export the folder vxdiag to your desktop, add any name when ask you.

After remove the vxdiag software. Copy the drivers folder at the same location it was before. And click the reg file from the desktop that you save before.

This way you will have your vxdiag drivers installed without the vxdiag software to control your lisense. vxdiag (for example vcx nano toyota) will work, nothing will change there, and try again with mut-3. if dll files from driver are not locked too it will work.

edit: the drivers folder you need to copy before remove vxdiag soft is here: C:\ProgramData\VCX\Apps\PASSTHRU\

open the folder in programdata\vcx\app\and check if you have toyota folder and save it to desktop, remove vxdiag. and download the ready drivers and reg above.

Run the reg file and try mut-3.


Disclaimer: Free to test by your side.  You are at your risk.