CG100X Change VAG MQB Mileage with D1 Adapter No Soldering

CGDI released a new D1 adapter for CG100X Programmer. The D1 adapter is used to repair/change VAG MQB D70F34XX and D70F35XX processor mileage without soldering.


Function requires CG100X software version and update.

1.Added D1 adapter, support VW D70F34/35xx remove capacitor way mileage repair.

Cg100x D1 Adapter 1

D1 adapter feature

No soldering
No lift pin
Can be reused.

CG100X VAG MQB Mileage Car List and Precautions

CG100X and D1 Adapter Pinouts to VAG MQB Cluster

Cg100x D1 Adapter Nec35xx Pinout 1

Cg100x D1 Adapter Nec35xx Pinout 2

Cg100x D1 Adapter Nec35xx Pinout 3


CG100X 2019 VW Tiguan MQB RH850 R7F701407 Mileage Correction