What is Xhorse B5 Super Remote?


What’s and where to buy this Xhorse B5 super remote? It has to be a xhorse remote, it has to be able to generate id49 for f150 and it looks like a super remote but not regular purple bag super remote. It is not blue bag remote.

B5 1 B5 2


Good news. Obdii365.com has B5 super remote for sale now.


B5 Remote

XEB510EN B5 Super remote comes with XT27B super chip transponder inside.

XT27B adds 47 49 4A MQB chip types based on xt27A.

With B5 super remote, you are able to generate Ford ID49 proximity, Nissan 4A smart key, MQB super remote etc. 

Xhorse B5 Super Remote 1

Nissan 4a Super Remote

Mqb B5 Super Remote

The picture of the circuit board is as follows

Xhorse B5 Super Remote 2